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Industrial cleaning using Spacevac ATEX cleaning system-2

Safety Locking Mechanism Vs Friction Fit

One of the most important safety features that are built in to the SpaceVac system as standard is our unique safety locking mechanism. It’s only a small detail but one that is crucial to the safety of operators and also enables the system to be more flexible than others out there on the market. As…
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07/03/2019 0
38mm to 50mm adapter

Product Focus: 50mm – 38mm Adapter

Over the last few months we’ve shared a few blogs on specific parts of the SpaceVac system and today we thought we would share a short post on our 38-50mm pole adapter. This particular accessory is sold as an add-on to our External high-level cleaning system. As you might already know our External system utilises…
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20/07/2018 0
a girl using Spacevac high level gutter cleaner

Making Gutter Cleaning Childs Play

One of the most common questions that we get asked when out on demonstrations or at events is – how much does the system weigh? You see, its all very well and good saying that our system can reach up to 15m high from the ground floor but all of those cleaning poles sure add…
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19/02/2018 0

National Gutters Day 2017

While the rest of the world is out tracking down a Black Friday bargain, #TeamSpaceVac are all focussed on something far more important – National Gutters Day.  While it has to be said that the Gutters are an unlikely candidate to be receiving such attention, in our opinion its long overdue as the guttering on…
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24/11/2017 0

Water Great Idea…

This week on the blog, we thought we’d let our Technical Manager Andy talk about a recent innovation in the product line led by feedback from our customers… While we like to think that we are pretty proactive when it comes to updating and developing our system (as evidenced by the launch of our new…
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09/08/2017 0

Always with Safety at Heart…

This week on the blog, we decided to hand the keys over to our gadget-loving Technical Manager Andy (find him on twitter @AndyCollar) to talk about a recent innovation across all of our range of cleaning poles and accessories… When we first developed the technology that would become the SpaceVac system some ten years ago,…
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03/08/2017 0

Product Focus: Wireless Camera & Monitor

We have just released the latest video onto our Youtube channel. We aim to be bringing you lots more great content through 2017 to help our customers and potential customers see the benefits of the SpaceVac system and how to get the best out of it. This week we are focussing on a really important…
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06/01/2017 0

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

  In the latest in his series of blogs, our technical manager Andy talks about the gutter cleaning capabilities of the SpaceVac system.  Hi everyone. Its been another busy week in the workshop as we prepare for to head to Dubai for Middle East Cleaning Technology Week. The event is a huge cleaning and technology…
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14/11/2016 0


Hi everyone It’s been a very busy few weeks here in the SpaceVac workshop – not least while we have been taking delivery of our new high-level poles which are STILL manufactured right here in the UK. We think the new range of poles we are developing really are our best yet and we can’t…
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04/11/2016 0

The Only Bright Spark You Need

For the next instalment of his series of blogs, our Technical Manager Andy introduces to something we’ve talked a lot about on social media of late: ATEX.   Of all of the projects and developments we have been working on over the course of the last few years, one of the projects I’ve personally found…
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21/08/2016 0