Now Available: New SpaceVac Vacuums

Now Available: New SpaceVac Vacuums

30/03/2021 Product Focus 0
vacuum spacevac titan close up

Through the last five years, our team of engineers have worked hard to expand and develop the SpaceVac range with a number of innovative new products – the latest addition to this stable of products is our brand new line of Spacevac vacuum cleaners; designed to provide the perfect companion to any SpaceVac high-level cleaning system.

Hand built by a team of vacuum specialists to our exacting specifications, the newly released trio of vacs are engineered to provide a powerful cleaning performance in any area.

In addition to their impressive specifications (see more on which below) all of these exciting new vac system are also fitted with new “Tool Holders” for easy storage and access to SpaceVac poles and tools when cleaning – another innovative new design feature.

The new SpaceVac line features three systems. The first is the new Endeavour; a dual motor system designed for removing high-level dust and other materials from internal areas.

Moving up the range, users looking to clean internally and externally, will look to our new Hurricane wet / dry vac – living up to its moniker with three independent motors providing unrivalled suction and airflow for cleaning with our Internal and External cleaning systems.

Vacuum - SpaceVac Titan

Finally; operators working in ATEX certified areas such as industrial manufacturing facilities or bakeries, can now also utilise the new SpaceVac TITAN Vac. The centrepiece of our Vacuum line, the Titan is a new ATEX certified vacuum unit safe for use in these highly specialised environments in conjunction with our range of conductive, full Carbon cleaning systems.

We are very excited to introduce these exciting new additions to the SpaceVac range and invite you to put them to the test today by booking a free demonstration on your premises today. Be sure to reach out to the team using the short form located here, or call the team direct on 01604 968668.


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