SpaceVac External High Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment


50MM Classic Gutter Cleaning Equipment

The SpaceVac high reach, high level gutter vacuum cleaning system is a heavy-duty gutter cleaning tool designed to help operators clean external fascias, blocked guttering and downpipes up to 16m high from the ground floor efficiently. Choosing the right commercial gutter cleaning equipment for your business is a crucial decision, and that’s why we are here to help! Feel free to contact our team today who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our commercial gutter cleaning tools.

Cleaning out your gutters and external fascias has never been so easy! With SpaceVac’s gutter cleaning machines, you can rest assured that your gutters can be cleaned from the comfort of the solid ground floor and not a high ladder. By investing in gutter cleaning tools you are able to clean your gutters with ease and with increased safety. High level gutter cleaning tools are a cost-effective investment for your business, regular maintenance of your gutters prevents blockages from building up and causing damage to the building. It is so important to keep your gutters clean and it has never been so easy to do so.

Increased diameter for heavy-duty cleans; 50mm diameter gives increased airflow and suction at height, to make cleaning out your gutters and external fascias easier than ever.


You can adapt to your high level gutter cleaning needs with a dedicated set of industrial-strength tools and heads for cleaning blocked guttering, downpipes and box guttering – including the ability to create custom gutter vacuum tools where required.

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Our high level gutter vacuum is lightweight carbon fibre, the construction is durable yet lightweight even when working at the full 16m extension.


All of our gutter cleaning system poles, heads and tools feature our unique safety locking mechanism for total operator safety on the ground. This simple but unique device ensures there is no risk of the gutter vacuum system separating and falling from height during use.

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Investing In Gutter Cleaning Systems With Camera

SpaceVac’s gutter cleaning vacuum system is a heavy-duty gutter cleaning tool that assists its operators to clean your external fascias and gutters. Is it worth the cost? That is the question. To put it quite simply, yes, yes it is! It’s a long term cost-effective investment, which saves a business both time and money. Our gutter vac poles can reach up to 16m, meaning the operator can reach those hard-to-get areas without leaving the ground, helping to keep them safe. Our gutter cleaning vacuum system not only comes with a number of multiple tools and head attachments, but the equipment features a gutter cleaning camera. This camera allows operators to see the inside of the guttering funnel from the comfort of solid ground. This gutter cleaning camera is mounted on our gutter vac poles and streams via Bluetooth so you can see any blockages and debris in your gutter gutters and external fascias with ease. SpaceVac is your one-stop shop for commercial gutter cleaning tools, book your free demo here.

See The Gutter Cleaning Machines In Action:

If you are looking for high-quality gutter cleaning systems with a camera, you’ve come to the right place! SpaceVac is an expert when it comes to high level vacuum cleaning systems, our innovative high level cleaning technology has already received plaudits and rave reviews from clients all over the world.

To see the SpaceVac external gutter cleaning system in operation in the short video here or by booking a free demo on your commercial premises (where available) using the button below. BOOK A DEMO

Industrial Gutter Cleaning Equipment – SV50/FK

See what gutter cleaning equipment is included in each commercial External Gutter Cleaning system as standard:

SpaceVac Gutter Vac Pole

6 x SV50/16-Classic

6 x 50mm x 1.6m Classic Pole

SpaceVac Gutter Vacuum Pole


1 x 50mm x 0.8m Classic Half Pole

SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Machine Bag


1 x Padded Pole Bag

Gutter Cleaning Crevice Tool


1 x Crevice tool

Gutter Vacuum Degree Head


1 x 135 Degree Head

SpaceVac High Level Cleaning Vacuum System Spike Tool


1 x 50mm Spike Tool

SpaceVac High Level Cleaning Vacuum Round Tool


1 x 38mm Round Tool

Gutter Vac Spike Tool


1 x 38mm Spike Tool

Gutter Cleaning System Hose


1 x Hose x 7.5m

Gutter Cleaning Vac Inlet Cuff


1 x 50mm Vac Inlet Cuff

High Level Gutter Cleaning Hose To Pole Adapter


1 x 50mm Hose to Pole Adapter

SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Equipment Hose Bag


1 x Hose Bag

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