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Investing In ATEX Vacuum Cleaning Products

SpaceVac has over a decade of experience in providing effective high level cleaning solutions for businesses all over the world. We are a market leader in industrial ATEX cleaning and are trusted to keep staff and workers safe when cleaning in combustible environments.

Our products are constantly developing and we’re always looking for more ways to improve the safety, effectiveness and usability of our range. We are responsible for delivering some of the most revolutionary ATEX on the market today. Our products guarantee safety, quality and compliance, as well as affordable, competitive pricing throughout our range.

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ATEX Vacuum Cleaning Systems From SpaceVac

Industrial ATEX cleaning equipment is required in areas that manufacture or handle potentially combustible materials. SpaveVac’s range of ATEX systems provide a safe, spark free cleaning solution that is essential in reducing the risk of industrial fires and explosions. Unsurprisingly, investing in high quality, trusted ATEX cleaning products is key to ensuring your workplace remains compliant and safe at all times.

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Accessories & Add-Ons For Your ATEX Tools

All ATEX vacuum cleaning systems from SpaceVac can be fully accessorised and expanded with our extensive range of accessories and addons. Whether you require Anti-static or conductive ATEX tools, our range of specialist accessories are designed to provide additional solutions for your specific challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do SpaceVac Offer ATEX Zone High Level Cleaning Services?

SpaceVac does not offer any high zone cleaning services. We provided and manufacture cutting-edge equipment that can be used to vacuum in combustible environments. We offer demos for all of our products should you want to try before you buy.

Do I Need ATEX Certified Equipment?

You will need to use ATEX equipment if you manufacture any potentially flammable material or substance. This includes paints, petrol or organic dust such as wood or flour. ATEX equipment must be used in any environment where there is a combustible material, be it gas, dust or vapour. To learn more about ATEX cleaning equipment and where it should be used, visit our blog.

What's Included When I Buy an ATEX Vacuum Cleaner from SpaceVac?

All SpaceVac vacuum cleaning systems come with a fully conductive pole kit and a range of innovative heads and tools. All of our systems will also come with interconnecting heads and tools to ensure all parts of your business can be reached, as well as Safe and Fast Easy Release to guaranteed that tools, poles and heads cannot detach during use.

More Information on what’s included in a SpaceVac high reach ATEX cleaning system can be found here.

Is Buying ATEX Equipment Worth the Investment?

Investing in SpaceVac ATEX cleaning equipment is often far more cost-effective than hiring external services. Whilst the initial cost may be higher, over time your hiring fees will add up and prices may rise in future. Buying an ATEX vacuum today outright means that you aren’t paying repeat payments in future, freezing up cash for other parts of your business.

What Makes SpaceVac ATEX Equipment Safe to Use in ATEX areas?

Our systems underwent a handful of changes to make them safe to use in ATEX zones. We began by replacing the vacuum itself with an ATEX certified, spark-free system. We then continued to update the rest of the vacuum including the adding new lightweight poles and anti-static accessories. This was important to produce a completely conductive system that was safe to use in potentially combustible environments.

What ATEX Zones is SpaceVac Safe to Use in?

All of our ATEX cleaning equipment is certified for use in M class or H class dust environments, as well as ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Finance Now Available On ATEX Systems!

We understand that cash flow in small businesses can be tight. That’s why we offer full finance packages in partnership with PMD Business Finance to help our customers spread the cost of their new SpaceVac purchase out over time. Discover what finance packages are available and take advantage today.



Designed to provide an entry level cleaning solution for operators working in specialised explosive atmospheres.

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ATEX Pioneer

The Pioneer system was designed to sit in the SpaceVac range between our entry level ATEX LITE system and the more advanced PRO AND ULTRA ATEX lines

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ATEX Pro 38mm

ATEX cleaning is a specialised area and requires equipment specifically designed and manufactured to be used in these environments. To bring SpaceVac up to spec, our team redesigned a brand new patent-pending ATEX ready version of the system

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ATEX Pro 50mm

Our patent pending 50mm ATEX PRO system has been developed specifically for use in industrial factory areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres (known as ATEX). by utilising a 50mm version of our ATEX cleaning pole, operators can tackle the heaviest challenges with ease

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ATEX Ultra

Our Ultra line features our finest cleaning pole yet – designed to offer our high-level cleaning technology to never before seen heights by delivering our lightest, most rigid and most durable cleaning pole yet.


Accessories & Add-Ons

A range of conductive and anti-static accessories to provide additional functionality and flexibility to any SpaceVac ATEX cleaning system

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ATEX Testimonial

"I have used the ATEX equipment provided by spacevac and the quality was excellent. This equipment allowed us to carry out the high level cleaning in the manufacturing area in an Upper Tier COMAH site efficiently and safely (improved manual handling and removed the use of working at height). Their technical team was invaluable when providing information to complete the RA. The overall service delivery was 10/10. I would really recommend working with this supplier.
Thanks, Eduardo"

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