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Designed to provide an entry level cleaning solution for operators working in specialised explosive atmospheres.

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ATEX Pioneer

The Pioneer system was designed to sit in the SpaceVac range between our entry level ATEX LITE system and the more advanced PRO AND ULTRA ATEX lines

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ATEX Pro 38mm

ATEX cleaning is a specialised area and requires equipment specifically designed and manufactured to be used in these environments. To bring SpaceVac up to spec, our team redesigned a brand new patent-pending ATEX ready version of the system

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ATEX Pro 50mm

Our patent pending 50mm ATEX PRO system has been developed specifically for use in industrial factory areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres (known as ATEX). by utilising a 50mm version of our ATEX cleaning pole, operators can tackle the heaviest challenges with ease

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ATEX Ultra

Our Ultra line features our finest cleaning pole yet – designed to offer our high-level cleaning technology to never before seen heights by delivering our lightest, most rigid and most durable cleaning pole yet.


Accessories & Add-Ons

A range of conductive and anti-static accessories to provide additional functionality and flexibility to any SpaceVac ATEX cleaning system

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