What’s Included In The SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum?

What’s Included In The SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum?

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SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum

SpaceVac is a market leader in high-level cleaning equipment. Our team’s innovative ATEX tools, vacuum cleaning systems, and ATEX cleaning products have received positive reviews across the globe. Originally developing tools for cleaning blocked gutters and downpipes, SpaceVac has evolved and adapted our wide range of products to include high reach ATEX cleaning systems.

Our unique and leading-edge cleaning equipment is used by facilities management companies and specialist cleaners all around the world. The high reach ATEX cleaning vacuum is one of the most popular tools our team has ever developed. Designed for cleaning in Explosive Atmospheres in industrial factories, the system ensures a spark-free operation to guarantee the safety of everyone in the workplace.

The high reach ATEX vacuum is independently certified as compliant with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU: ISO 80079-36:2016 and ISO 80079-37 – which is still applicable in the UK, post-Brexit. As well as being safe to use in explosive atmospheres, the system uses the latest design features to ensure effective industrial cleaning. Implementing innovative specifications, our team designed this brand new patent-pending ATEX industrial cleaning system to match all our client’s needs.


What’s Included In The High Reach ATEX Vacuum System?

Fully Conductive Pole Kit

The 38mm diameter pole kit is constructed from 100% carbon, which ensures an anti-static and non-spark operation. Ideal for industrial cleaning in enclosed explosive atmospheres, the pole kit is wide enough to provide maximum suction as an industrial vacuum cleaner. The pole is simple to handle, ensures safe and effective cleaning in ATEX environments, and is the strong foundation the industrial cleaning equipment is built on.


Customisable Shapes

Create bespoke configurations to match your factory or warehouse. Whatever your industrial workplace, there may be high reach areas that are challenging to clean, however, these locations will differ depending on your workplace. Use the interconnecting heads and tools to match the ATEX vacuum cleaning system to your requirements.


Innovative Heads & Tools

To ensure effective cleaning for operators, the pole kit can be combined with a complete range of anti-static brushes, accessories, and carbon fibre heads. These ATEX tools allow you to clean your workplace, whatever your requirements and challenges are. Using the flexible range of cleaning tools allows operators to clean high reach areas effectively and safely.


S.A.F.E.R Features

Safe and Fast Easy Release is an innovative safety locking mechanism that guarantees operator safety. This device ensures that the poles, heads, and customisable tools cannot detach during use. There is no risk of the system falling onto the operator or the system emitting a spark, so they can focus on cleaning with total peace of mind.


Why Should I Purchase From SpaceVac?

After a decade of innovation, SpaceVac has become a market leader in ATEX industrial cleaning. Our engineering team has spent years refining our range of ATEX cleaning products to ensure maximum cleaning performance. Every year our range of equipment evolves alongside technology to continue improving safety, effectiveness, and usability.


Problem Solving

SpaceVac came about as a solution to blocked guttering. Many people didn’t have a way to clean gutters safely without using ladders, or potentially expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers. Using this extra equipment poses many risks to the person conducting the cleaning, but also increases short- and long-term costs. Our team adapted this approach to industrial cleaning to help operators clean in explosive atmospheres safely and efficiently. The high reach ATEX cleaning vacuum is the ultimate problem solver for facilities managers and industrial workplaces. 



SpaceVac’s ATEX tools remove the need for additional equipment such as ladders and PPE. This saves you on hiring costs, so you can ensure you secure a high ROI while being able to clean your workspace effectively and safely. You also don’t need to hire outside experts to operate the equipment and can do this in-house. Our ATEX cleaning products are also time savers, allowing operators to clean quickly and focus on other areas of your business.


cost effective solution


Innovative Design & Build

In 2015, SpaceVac was the first system to be ATEX certified anywhere in the world. To achieve this our team designed and built an anti-static system completely from scratch. Since then we’ve adapted and developed the latest technology in the industry to ensure our range’s cleaning performance and safety. We aim to help you clean higher, safer and faster with our ATEX cleaning equipment.


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