SpaceVac Accessories

The World's Leading High-Level Cleaning System.


Wireless Camera & Monitor System

All of the SpaceVac high-level cleaning range, come equipped with our innovative wireless camera and monitoring system.

This simple add on to the SpaceVac line, mounts a wireless camera to the cleaning pole, which broadcasts via Bluetooth to a monitor mounted at the base of the poles at eye-level. In addition to allowing operators to monitor the progress of cleans in real time, the system can also be used to record footage for later use or to evidence completed work.

Water Removal Tool

In response to customer demand for a tool that enabled the SpaceVac system to collect residual water and condensation from chilled environments such as storage facilities or food processing facilities, SpaceVac has created two new heads dedicated to the collection of water.

When used in conjunction with an appropriate vac unit, the heads dual rubber squeegees and flexible construction allow them to collect water and condensation from even the toughest areas.


A perfect addition to our wireless camera and monitoring system, SpaceVac also offers an inspection pole system to allow operators to assess and monitor cleans in real time from the safety of the ground floor.

The pole is telescopic and extends to a full 55ft high – making it the perfect add on to the system – allowing for quick and easy and inspection both before and after cleans. Two sizes of inspection pole are available – 35ft or 55ft.