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A Market Leader for a Reason…

Expert in High Level Vacuum Cleaning Equipment. SpaceVac’s innovative high-level cleaning technology has already seen plaudits and rave reviews from clients across the globe. Developed as a tool for clearing blocked guttering and downpipes, nearly a decade of refinement and development has seen the SpaceVac line grow to deliver a flexible range of cleaning solutions to Facilities Management companies and specialist cleaners worldwide.

high reach internal vacuum cleaner being used in warehouse

A Decade of Innovation…

Since bringing the SpaceVac system to market, our Engineering team have continued to develop and refine the product to deliver maximum performance to our customers.

The latest generation of SpaceVac high level cleaning systems brings our most advanced cleaning technology yet – featuring lightweight yet robust Carbon Fibre heads across the range as standard keeping the weight of the cleaning system to a minimum – even at its full extension.

In addition, the entire SpaceVac range features our innovative ‘Safety Locking” mechanism as standard for total operator safety. This simple device ensures that the system won’t separate when in use – unlike other friction fit and external clamp systems found elsewhere on the market.

Benefits of SpaceVac to Business


In addition to developing our high level Internal and External cleaning systems, in 2015, SpaceVac was the first system of its kind anywhere in the world to be certified as safe for use in ATEX Explosive Atmospheres – building a new anti-static system from the ground up to ensure complete spark-free use in these highly dangerous explosive atmospheres in the industrial factories. Built with 

Safety at heart – SpaceVac’s mission is to keep your workforce working Higher, Safer and Faster in the industrial cleaning sector.

Man using high level ATEX cleaning equipment from SpaceVac


Explore the range of SpaceVac cleaning systems today and see how we could help to keep your workforce working Higher, Safer and Faster

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