Case Studies

Case Studies

The benefit of using SpaceVac Innovative High Level Vacuum Cleaning System

One of the great things about SpaceVac is how versatile the system is. Our innovation cleaning system has found a place among the cleaning and maintenance rituals of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Find out more about how our clients are making use of SpaceVac with these case studies.

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By utilising a SpaceVac however, the bakery is now able to complete the monthly cleans in a fraction of the time. By equipping two members of staff with a SpaceVac, the bakery is not only able to completely remove the risks and costs of hiring in a scissor lift to reach the high-level areas, but also reduce the cleaning time required each month to less than a third of the time previously required….

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With the simple investment of a SpaceVac, Arcus is now able quickly deal with these problem areas onsite at a much faster rate. The systems high ROI means it pays for itself in no time, and our durable build quality means that Arcus will be using this estate of external gutter cleaning systems for years to come.



When Facilities Management company Servest began a new contract to clean the sprawling Weetabix production facility in Burton Latimer (UK), it became obvious very quickly that the built up organic dust from the production lines presented the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of SpaceVac's award winning high-level cleaning solution....



Where previously, a 2 man team utilised a hydraulic platform on wheels to clean small areas at a time, SpaceVac enabled one man to clean the same area much faster with less impact on the rest of the store. The systems range of heads, tools and brushes offered operators options to access even the most inaccessible areas instore in a fraction of the time – which in turn saved substantially on hire costs, and the cleaning costs themselves.



As one of the biggest property owners in the UK, Tesco has a huge nationwide estate of buildings of all shapes and sizes, in a range of locations and environments.
One of the things that these stores all share in common though, is the need to keep their gutters and downpipes clear of blockages and dirt. Not only do these blocked areas look unsightly, but they also pose a number of issues for building owners – not least the health benefits of the people inside, the integrity of the building itself and even compliance with insurance.


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