Find Distributors

SpaceVac is available to buy internationally via a network of local distributors.

To find your local spaceVac distributor, please use the map below, or contact us to discuss your requirements. Want to talk to us about becoming a distributor for SpaceVac indoor country? Check here for full information.

United Kingdom:



ATEX Premier Cleaning.

Surface Cleaning Products LLP




Czech Republic: DeWolf

Denmark: Axson
Sweden: PT Professional

Norway: Lilleborg

Spain: Grupo Maya

Luxembourg: ISSA SAS

Belgium: ISSA SAS


Germany: Cotraco. 

Austria: Cotraco. 

Switzerland: ISSA SAS

Slovakia: Green Cleaning

Slovenia: Forto

Lithuania: PSS Group

Netherlands: Lamers 
Latvia: ANITRA

France: OSCI clean

Finland: PT Professional

Poland: Bravos:

Portugal: Orbivendas 

Romania: AB Cleaning


Qatar: Excel Group

Singapore: Supersteam

UAE: Excel Group

Pakistan: Superline

Japan: Yuda Inc

  • TEL: +81-268-245522 
  • FAX:+81-268-225531
  • E-mail:

Israel: Tavas

Russia: SpaceVac Russia



Australia: Spillz

New Zealand: Spillz