High Level Cleaning Equipment: Internal Systems


SpaceVac LITE

An entry level cleaning system for light and occasional high-level cleaning work in the domestic and retail market. This high level internal vacuum is lightweight and versatile, with a maximum reach of 7 metres and a unique backpack-style design that makes operation simple.

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A unique halfway point between our entry level LITE cleaning system and the larger more powerful lines in the Internal line. The Pioneer offers powerful cleaning technology on a budget, whilst maintaining the high quality build that you’ve come to expect from SpaceVac. A 20ft maximum reach makes the Pioneer suitable for use in commercial properties, schools, offices, retail spaces, restaurants and more.

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38mm CLASSIC System

Our classic 38mm cleaning system is for use up to 11m in height, featuring our standard safety locking mechanism, a lightweight, easy to use design and a range of fully bespoke cleaning heads and accessories. The Classic offers operators unrivalled flexibility and performance and is the perfect high level cleaning solution for commercial environments.

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38mm PRO System

Deploying advancements in carbon engineering to offer users increased reach (13 metres) with lower weight and improved rigidity – allowing for increased cleaning range. The Pro retains the high quality and impressive performance found in all SpaceVac systems, ensuring safe, simple cleaning with every use.

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38mm ULTRA System

For power users in the heavy industrial setting – offering unrivalled performance and durability with a world record-setting reach of up to 20m! The Ultra System offers exceptional suction power that will promise the very best in high level cleaning with every use. This vacuum remains easy to use with a simple, uncomplicated design, despite the higher level of performance.

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Browse Accessories & Add-Ons

Expand the range and functionality of your new SpaceVac system with our range of accessories and add-ons. Our range of additional products are specifically made for operators looking to meet challenges head-on and will allow users to make the most out of their SpaceVac systems.

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How High Does An Internal System Reach?

SpaceVac’s range of internal high level cleaning systems have their own maximum reach to make different systems better suited to different cleaning tasks and environments. The system with the current highest reach is the SpaceVac 38mm Ultra Internal Cleaning System. It features a maximum reach of 20 metres, making it suitable for cleaning corporate environments, gymnasiums and more.
Other industrial SpaceVac high level vacuums come with a maximum reach that suits their intended use. For example, the SpaceVac Lite has a maximum reach of 7 metres which is appropriate for domestic and general commercial cleaning tasks.

What Comes With The High Level Cleaning System?

All SpaceVac vacuum systems come with all the equipment you need to get started with your industrial high level cleaning tasks. As well as the vacuum itself, you will also receive lightweight and easy to assemble poles for your relevant system.
You will also find a series of customisable shapes and innovative heads and tools to ensure you reach even the most challenging of areas. Please note that every system will come with different add ons and tools. For example, the SpaceVac Lite comes with a small round brush and small flexi brush as standard, whereas the 38mm Ultra System features a large flexi brush, flat surface tool, small round brush, ducting brush, small flexi brush and more.

Is A Camera Included With SpaceVacs High Reach Cleaning Equipment?

Yes, a camera is included as part of our Classic Internal High Level Cleaning system. The Explorer Camera and Monitoring System can also be purchased separately to allow users to easily see challenging areas from the safety of the ground. The camera features full 360 degree rotation, fantastic 1080p capabilities and up to nine hours of battery life from a single charge.

What Are The High Reach Poles Made From?

All of our industrial high level cleaning equipment comes with lightweight yet robust carbon fibre poles. This material offers impressive toughness but enables users to easily manoeuvre the poles comfortably, even when using over long periods of time or at maximum extension.
SpaceVac high reach cleaning poles are equipped with a ‘Safety Locking Mechanism’ to ensure that the poles do not separate during use. Systems are therefore less prone to damage through separation and users are able to clean safely from the ground.

Internal High Level Cleaning Equipment

SpaceVac has over a decade of experience in developing and manufacturing high level cleaning equipment for businesses worldwide. Our high reach cleaning systems are trusted to deliver impressive cleaning performance alongside an exceptional build quality that ensures use for years to come. 

We are always developing our internal cleaning systems and are passionate about finding new ways to provide our customers with simple solutions for their high level cleaning. Whether you’re a domestic customer or part of a larger business, a SpaceVac high level cleaning system guarantees safety, performance and affordability throughout the range.   

Invest in high level industrial cleaning equipment from SpaceVac today.  We offer a wide range of high level cleaning systems, so you can be sure to find the perfect internal system for your business.  If you do have any questions, please get in touch with our team, who will be more than help to you and your business find the right high level industrial cleaning equipment for your industrial cleaning needs. 

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