What Are The Key Differences Between Domestic & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

What Are The Key Differences Between Domestic & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

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Choosing the right tool for your cleaning job is absolutely essential. It ensures performance remains at the highest level and helps to improve the safety of the user. Vacuums are no different and choosing between a domestic and commercial vacuum cleaner is a key decision many business facilities managers face. Domestic vacuums are often more affordable and smaller in size and weight, however, they lack the higher levels of performance and durability that an industrial vacuum cleaner offers.      


Industrial VS Domestic Vacuum Cleaners  

Power and Performance

The key difference between industrial and domestic vacuum cleaners is the level of performance. Because a domestic system is only made for basic, everyday cleaning tasks, they are designed with considerably less suction power than an industrial model. 

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to be powerful enough to deal with the toughest cleaning tasks. Debris is often heavier in commercial and industrial environments and the cleaning area is often considerably larger – such as warehouses and factories. Whether it’s our entry-level SpaceVac Lite or our heavy-duty Ultra Internal Cleaning System, SpaceVac’s range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners guarantees high performance.  



One of the biggest advantages of investing in an industrial vacuum cleaner is that they are specifically designed with durability in mind. Investing in a high-performance industrial system that has a robust build will provide extra assurance that the system will not fail or require repairs further down the line. Repairs are often costly, time-consuming and create an extra hassle for a business.

The lifespan of an industrial vacuum cleaner is difficult to pinpoint exactly because it greatly depends on usage. All of our systems are designed to provide truly exceptional performance for many years to come. If your vacuum will be required to perform regular, heavy-duty cleaning tasks, a more robust system is recommended.   


Size and Maneuverability

Industrial vacuum cleaners are considerably larger than their domestic counterparts. The extra power, larger motor and dustbin means that it isn’t uncommon for an industrial vacuum to have larger dimensions and a greater overall weight.

It’s important to note that although commercial vacuums may be generally heavier and larger in size, they are not difficult to manoeuvre. The SpaceVac Lite can be picked up and carried using its unique backpack design, whilst our larger models all feature high-quality, swivel wheels for quick and simple transportation. 



The limitations of a domestic vacuum are not present in industrial systems and the latter has a far wider scope in terms of usage. A domestic vacuum is only capable of completing basic, everyday cleaning tasks that require relatively low performance. 

Industrial vacuums can be used for a wide array of applications and are generally far more comfortable at larger-scale cleaning tasks that require a more powerful vacuum. For example, SpaceVac industrial vacuum cleaners might be used internally or externally depending on the job. We also manufacture a range of ATEX vacuums for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 



Which Industrial Vacuum Should I Buy?

Once you have decided on investing in an industrial vacuum, it’s time to determine which system is right for you. These are the key considerations to make:



The first thing to consider when choosing an industrial vacuum is your intended machine usage. SpaceVac vacuums are suitable for internal cleaning as well as external cleaning for example. We also manufacture a range of specialist systems – such as the 38mm Food Safe System, 38mm Museum System and the 50m High Voltage System. Choosing a system that is designed for your usage will ensure the best possible performance and safety.   



All of our industrial vacuums come with different levels of suction to ensure there is a system that is right for everyone. For example, our Hurricane system features three single-phase brush motors with double-stage by-pass for impressive suction, whilst our Endeavour features two single-phase brush motors with double-stage by-pass. Even our smaller, lightweight systems such as the SpaceVac Lite offer impressive levels of suction that make them suitable for industrial usage.



If you operate in a smaller, more intricate space, having a system that is easily manoeuvrable may be a priority. The SpaceVac Lite has a unique lightweight backpack design that makes transportation quick and simple. If manoeuvrability is less crucial to your work, a larger system might be a better option should you require the extra suction and performance.   


Contact SpaceVac Today!

SpaceVac manufactures a wide array of industrial vacuum cleaners that are guaranteed to offer the high levels of performance that is required. We are a market-leading brand that has over a decade of experience in designing and building systems that are trusted by businesses worldwide to deliver exceptional results. 

We manufacture high level vacuums that are suitable for use in gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, retail environments and much more. Book a demo today to see if a SpaceVac high level vacuum is right for you. 

Contact SpaceVac today to find out more about our range of industrial vacuum cleaners.

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