Why Health & Safety Managers Trust SpaceVac’s High Level Cleaning Vacuums

Why Health & Safety Managers Trust SpaceVac’s High Level Cleaning Vacuums

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SpaceVac is a leading provider of high level vacuums for businesses in the UK and the US. We work alongside health and safety and facilities managers to help them create a safe and clean working environment for their employees.

Our systems are designed to offer high level cleaning without ladders or cherry pickers, which eliminates the risk of falls and other accidents. We also use pioneering technology that ensures our systems are safe and efficient to use. Here, we’ll discuss why health and safety managers trust SpaceVac’s high level cleaning vacuums to deliver safe, high quality cleaning. 

Case Study: Museum Maintenance

The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria is home to a vast collection of art and artefacts. The museum’s maintenance team faced a unique challenge: how to clean the museum’s high ceilings and delicate artworks without putting themselves or the artworks at risk.

SpaceVac was able to provide the museum with a solution that met their specific needs. Our systems were able to reach the museum’s high ceilings without using the previous platform method as regularly. Not using the platforms greatly improved the risk of slip and fall accidents when cleaning. 

One of the key benefits of using a SpaceVac system for this project was that it greatly improved the completion time. Cleaning tasks would take a huge amount of time because the total size of the museum is 86,000 square metres. Making for a faster, more efficient cleaning process meant that staff weren’t getting as fatigued, which helped to reduce accidents caused by tired staff.

As a result of SpaceVac’s cleaning systems, the museum’s maintenance team was able to clean the museum’s high ceilings and delicate artworks safely and efficiently.

Case Study: The Removal of Dust in Hospitals

The NHS Nightingale Hospital in London was set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge for this project was that the hospital needed a way to remove high level dust from its wards without putting patients or staff at risk. The rapid build had inevitably led to dust being generated and settling throughout the facility. 

SpaceVac was able to provide the NHS Nightingale Hospital with a solution that met their specific needs. Our systems acted as valuable alternatives to cherry pickers for cleaning high level spaces, and reduced need for ladders or scaffolding. This meant that the project was able to be completed in a much shorter amount of time – a major benefit for a project where time was of such significance. The faster completion time again meant there was less risk of accidents caused by fatiguing staff.

Another unique safety benefit of using a high level vacuum for this project was that dust was removed completely, without being blown into the atmosphere. This was essential as the hospital was soon to be housing patients with a serious respiratory condition. 

As a result of SpaceVac’s cleaning systems, the NHS Nightingale Hospital was able to create a safe and clean environment for its patients and staff.

High Level Cleaning Without Ladders

One of the main reasons why businesses invest in high-level cleaning equipment is to improve safety in the workplace. Working at height can be incredibly dangerous, and even with the proper safety procedures in place, accidents can and do happen.

Falls from height are a leading cause of workplace fatalities and injuries and in 2020 alone, there were 373 fatal falls from height in the UK – accounting for 20% of all workplace fatalities. And for every fatal fall, there are many more non-fatal falls that can result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries.

In addition to the human cost, work-related accidents can also be costly for businesses. Medical bills, compensation, and legal fees can all add up quickly. In the long term, even a handful of work-related accidents can have a serious negative impact on a business’s bottom line.

SpaceVac’s Unique Safety Features

SpaceVac’s poles may look similar to other competitors, but our poles have a unique safety locking mechanism that ensures they don’t slip or retract while being used. This is a critical safety feature, as it prevents operators from falling from heights.

High-level cleaning equipment can help to eliminate the risk of falls from height. By using a high-level vacuum, operators can safely clean hard-to-reach areas without having to climb ladders, or use cherry pickers or scaffolding. High level cleaning without ladders significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, and it can also save businesses money on insurance premiums.

The SpaceVac Ultra Internal model features an innovative safety locking mechanism that prevents the pole from separating while it is in use. This helps to ensure that operators are kept safe, even when working at height. In addition, all SpaceVac vacuums are designed and built to meet all relevant safety regulations.

Our systems also come with a variety of other safety features, such as:

  • A built-in vacuum that captures dust and debris, preventing it from falling back down onto the floor
  • A soft-grip handle that provides a secure grip, even when wet
  • A lightweight design that makes it easy to manoeuvre

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If you are looking for a safe and effective solution to high level cleaning without ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding, then choose SpaceVac today. We have the expertise and experience to help you create a safe and clean working environment for your employees.

Browse the SpaceVac high level vacuum range and improve your workplace safety today.

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