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Benefits of Booking a Free Demo

As you maybe already know, SpaceVac is proud to maintain a strong international dealer network that stretches all the way from America to Singapore and from Paris down to Paraguay…

09/04/2020 0
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Latest Update re COVID-19

A few weeks back, we posted an update regarding SpaceVac Internationals current position during the ongoing CV-19 lockdown and as the situation continues to develop we thought it prudent to provide an update to that situation.  As of the end of March 2020, a number of non-essential staff have been temporarily placed onto Furlough and…
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SSC Announce New Partnership with ECS

We are pleased to announce the further growth of the SpaceVac family this week, with news of a new partnership between our Specialist Cleaning Team (SSC) and ECS (Environmental Contract Solutions)

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The Importance of a Dust-Free Workplace

Dust is more than just a slight annoyance. While it can look unsightly in the home, in workplaces, it could be a source of harmful diseases. That’s because dust dispersed from various materials, such as stone and wood, can be breathed in and cause serious cell damage. High-level cleaning in all environments working in construction,…
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31/03/2020 0

Focus on Textiles: Case Study

To conclude this week of blogs spotlighting SpaceVac and its place in the Textiles and Laundry industries, we take a look at a great case study from this industrial laundry in Australia and the benefits the team onsite saw from the introduction of SpaceVac to their facility… Our range of cleaning systems proved to be…
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Important Update from SpaceVac International

Like many businesses around the world SpaceVac International are currently taking steps to ensure continuous service and support through the ongoing situation globally concerning Coronavirus.

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Case Study: UCC Coffee

UCC Coffee are among the biggest coffee manufacturers in the world providing beans and products into some of the biggest chains and companies across the globe. The team at their large processing facility in the South of England recently engaged with our Specialist Cleaning Team to help with high-level cleaning onsite…

17/03/2020 0

SpaceVac vs Traditional Cleaning Methods

Last time out in our Focus on Textiles series, we looked at some of the risks that are created for workers in the textiles and laundries sector from a health perspective but there are also a number of other operational issues faced by cleaners and facilities managers onsite.

13/03/2020 0

The Risks of Non Compliance

As you can imagine SpaceVac has a number of different benefits for businesses; from time and cost saving to keeping their employees safer at work. There are however other reasons to keep on top of dust removal in your premises…

12/03/2020 0
SpaceVac and PSS Group

Important Events Update: March 2020

As you may already have noticed elsewhere in the media or online, a number of trade shows that SpaceVac were due to attend have all been postponed due to the Coronavirus…

12/03/2020 0
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