New Partnership for SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning

New Partnership for SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning

25/06/2021 About SpaceVac 0
SpaceVac New Dealers
The team at SpaceVac International / SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning are delighted to announce details of a new UK wide delivery agreement with GCC Facilities Management plc, the UK’s most reliable cleaning company.
This new arrangement will see GCC partnering with the SSC team to act as our exclusive UK wide cleaning partner for all outsourced High level and ATEX cleaning projects. 
For some of our customers, a contract with scheduled onsite maintenance is preferable to investing in equipment and over the years we have proudly delivered exemplary service for these clients across a range of business sectors including packaging  industrial manufacturing and Food & Drink. 
This new arrangement allows us to increase our capacity significantly and allow us to bring this revolutionary cleaning service to more clients nationwide; safe in the knowledge that the expertise, professionalism and track record of our new delivery partner matches our own incredibly high standards of service.  

Claire Maclean, Managing Director at GCC Facilities Management plc said: “I’m delighted that GCC has formalised its relationship with SpaceVac and will be providing high-level and ATEX cleaning to customers previously serviced by SpaceVac’s teams. After several months working side by side with SpaceVac’s in-house teams, I am confident that GCC can now take on all SpaceVac’s cleaning delivery with a seamless handover and expand the portfolio. GCC will be exclusively using SpaceVac high-level vacuum cleaning and inspection systems for all its ongoing high level and ATEX cleans.”

Rob Kruck, Operations Manager at SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning, said “Partnerships have always been the beating heart of SpaceVac and we are delighted to be joining forces with GCC in this new arrangement. The GCC teams’ expertise and dedication made an instant impression on us at SpaceVac and we have no doubt that this will grow to become an incredibly important partnership that elevates us both to even greater heights!”

To find out more, or to arrange a free site survey where our dedicated team of cleaning experts can discuss your requirements with you in detail, please be sure to reach out and contact us today!

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