How SpaceVac’s High-Level Cleaning Vacuums Revolutionise Commercial Cleaning

How SpaceVac’s High-Level Cleaning Vacuums Revolutionise Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial cleaning is essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and high level vacuums are an integral part of this. They allow you to reach areas in your business that would otherwise be impossible without the help of cherry pickers, ladders or scaffolding. This helps to streamline your cleaning processes to make them faster, easier and safer for employees. 

SpaceVac commercial vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to give businesses a solution to their high level cleaning. Our systems have revolutionised the commercial cleaning industry and offer incredible performance alongside cutting edge design that utilises forward thinking technology.  

The Importance of Using a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

It is absolutely essential that you keep your commercial space clean and hygienic at all times. High up areas are easy to forget about and it is easy to ignore them completely – this is why you shouldn’t: 

Firstly, a clean and safe working environment will improve employee morale and productivity. Staff that come into a working environment that is clean and tidy will find it easier to do their job and are more likely to put in extra effort. Even though it might be harder to spot, a dirty ceiling is a surefire way to make for an unproductive working environment.

Commercial environments are often customer facing and so it’s important to keep your space clean and hygienic at all times. A clean and well-maintained facility will create a positive impression for customers, which can lead to increased sales and recommendations. 

Lastly, a professional image is important when clients or suppliers visit your premises. They will again be looking for a level of professionalism and keeping your workplace clean is a great way of making a good first impression.  

Benefits of SpaceVac’s High-Level Cleaning Vacuums vs. Other Commercial Cleaning Equipment


No Additional Equipment Required

One of the main draws of using SpaceVac high level cleaning equipment for commercial cleaning applications is that they do not require any additional equipment. High-level cleaning vacuums are operated from the floor below to allow users to quickly and efficiently clean their desired area. Once a section is complete, simply move your system to the next area and continue the cleaning process. 

Other cleaning methods that are not high reach require users to reach higher areas using other means. This often means hiring a cherry picker or scaffolding – both of which are expensive and time consuming jobs. A simple cleaning job is likely to take far longer as users have to set up the equipment and move it every time a new section requires cleaning. 

Commercial businesses are unlikely to have this time to spare and any work may mean downtime for your business. Downtime will further impact your finances and will ramp up the costs of your cleaning tasks.        

A Safer Alternative

Not only do other cleaning methods make for a longer cleaning process, but they also do not have the same level of safety of a SpaceVac high-level cleaning vacuum. Operating high-level cleaning equipment will help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries because it allows cleaning to be done from the ground – reducing the need for ladders or other elevated platforms. This can be especially beneficial in commercial businesses with high ceilings or where there are a lot of windows.

Additionally, high-level cleaning equipment is often designed with safety features in mind, such as non-slip handles. All SpaceVac systems come with innovative safety locking mechanisms to ensure poles do not separate during operation. As well as this all of our products are designed and built to follow HSE regulations.  

Long Term Investment

High-level cleaning equipment can be a long-term investment for businesses because it will help to save money on labour costs. Purchasing an industrial vacuum may be more expensive at first but once the initial one-off payment is made, there are no further payments. Relying on cherry pickers or scaffolding rental is likely to be more expensive overall and over time their costs will add up.      

Businesses that use ladders or other elevated platforms to clean high-level areas may also need to hire more workers to do the job. However, with high-level cleaning equipment, a single worker can clean a much larger area in a shorter time frame. This can lead to significant savings over time.

Wide Range of Additional Accessories Available 

SpaceVac High-level cleaning vacuums are available with a wide range of additional accessories to make specific cleaning tasks easier. This improves flexibility which can be helpful for businesses that need to clean a variety of surfaces or objects. A system with increased versatility also gives you better value for your money as it can be used for a greater number of tasks. 

High high-level cleaning equipment comes with attachments such as brushes, angled cleaning heads, pole extenders and much more. This will make it easier for businesses to keep their facilities well-maintained as there is undoubtedly an additional tool for every scenario.

Contact SpaceVac Today!

SpaceVac offers a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners suitable for commercial environments. Whether you want to save time on your cleaning, get more flexibility or improve your workplace safety, our internal vacuums are guaranteed to be the solution you need. 

Contact SpaceVac today and call us on 01604 968668 to find out more. You can also book a free demo today to see how our commercial vacuum cleaners can help your business. 

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