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Man cleaning high ceiling with a SpaceVac vacuum

How SpaceVac’s High-Level Cleaning Vacuums Revolutionise Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and high level vacuums are an integral part of this. They allow you to reach areas in your business that would otherwise be impossible without the help of cherry pickers, ladders or scaffolding. This helps to streamline your cleaning processes to make them faster,…
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SpaceVac AteX Demonstration in Brazil

ATEX Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 Explained

What Is An ATEX Zone?         ATEX Zones are a location where there is some level of risk from an explosion or combustion. Combustible dusts will, over time, build up and emit flammable gases – both of which are a major fire hazard should an ignition source be present. Many industries are at risk of combustion…
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grains in a food factory

How Do Employers Identify A Combustible Dust Hazard?

  What Is Combustible Dust?   Combustible dust is defined as being any material that comes in the form of fine solid particles with the potential to explode or catch fire. This includes powders, fibres and flakes such as flour, grains, charcoal, metal fibres, textiles and more. It’s important to note that some materials defined as…
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Do I Need ATEX Certified Equipment?

What is ATEX Equipment? If you work with potentially flammable or explosive products that need refilling, you’ll be aware of the myriad of safety precautions that you need to take to ensure you’re legally compliant and not putting anyone in danger or at risk from an explosion or fire. With this in mind, you’ll likely…
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Why The SpaceVac Ultra Internal Cleaning System Is The Perfect For High Reach Cleaning

The SpaceVac Ultra Internal Businesses and facilities managers have to maintain large industrial spaces to keep staff safe. Keeping your workplace clean is essential to reduce the risk of injury, prevent accidents from occurring, and ensure your workplace looks professional and presentable. The build-up of dust and debris in an industrial workplace doesn’t take long,…
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What’s Included In The SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum?

SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum SpaceVac is a market leader in high-level cleaning equipment. Our team’s innovative ATEX tools, vacuum cleaning systems, and ATEX cleaning products have received positive reviews across the globe. Originally developing tools for cleaning blocked gutters and downpipes, SpaceVac has evolved and adapted our wide range of products to include high…
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What Are The 5 Elements Of A Combustible Dust Explosion?

THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF COMBUSTIBLE DUST EXPLOSIONS Combustible Dust Distribution Of Dust Particles Confined Dust Cloud Oxygen Ignition Source There are five core elements that contribute to a combustible dust explosion. When conducting a risk assessment, look for a fuel source, an ignition source, and an oxidising agent which is as simple as oxygen. When…
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cleaning art

The Importance Of Dust-Free Galleries & Museums

Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential aspect of managing a museum or gallery. However, for museum and gallery owners, one of the biggest challenges you will face is how to protect your exhibits from dust.   Dust can cause a range of issues in a museum or gallery. Ruins the appearance of your collection.…
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ATEX Tools | Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

What Are ATEX Tools? The term ATEX cleaning equipment (an abbreviation for ‘Atmospheres Explosible’) refers to tools that can be operated safely in an explosive atmosphere. The term encompasses all potentially hazardous explosive environments where either gas or dust – such as flour mills, food processing plants, and factories – is present. Industrial workplaces need…
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Explosive Atmosphere

Guest Blog – Dr Chris Cloney

As you may recall from earlier in the year, SpaceVac were delighted to be invited to be a part of the annual Dust Safety Science online conference earlier this year, discussing our high-level cleaning systems.  This week on the blog, we handed the keys over to the events organiser Dr Chris Cloney for a guest…
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