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What Are The Key Differences Between Domestic & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

  Choosing the right tool for your cleaning job is absolutely essential. It ensures performance remains at the highest level and helps to improve the safety of the user. Vacuums are no different and choosing between a domestic and commercial vacuum cleaner is a key decision many business facilities managers face. Domestic vacuums are often…
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high ceiling in warehouse

Cleaning High Ceilings In Commercial Buildings

Commercial cleaning is often so preoccupied with cleaning on the ground level that the higher spaces in a building are left to gather dust. Whilst we understand that it’s easy to forget about a part of your building that you don’t interact with daily, it’s absolutely essential that you use high level cleaning equipment regularly.…
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SpaceVac AteX Demonstration in Brazil

ATEX Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 Explained

What Is An ATEX Zone?         ATEX Zones are a location where there is some level of risk from an explosion or combustion. Combustible dusts will, over time, build up and emit flammable gases – both of which are a major fire hazard should an ignition source be present. Many industries are at risk of combustion…
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Dust Journal Feb 2023

The New Issue Of The Dust Safety Journal

  SpaceVac has been featured in the new issue of Dust Safety Journal! SpaceVac feature once again in the new edition of the Dust Safety Journal! This time it’s all about our DIV2 cleaning systems, if you want to find out more and have a read, click here.  If you have questions about the DIV2…
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grains in a food factory

How Do Employers Identify A Combustible Dust Hazard?

  What Is Combustible Dust?   Combustible dust is defined as being any material that comes in the form of fine solid particles with the potential to explode or catch fire. This includes powders, fibres and flakes such as flour, grains, charcoal, metal fibres, textiles and more. It’s important to note that some materials defined as…
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Dust Safety Journal December 2022

SpaceVac Is Featured In The New Issue Of Dust Safety Journal… Again!

That’s right, we have been featured in the latest issue of the Dust Safety Journal again! Our DIV.2 certified cleaning system range has been featured in Dust Safety Journal’s most recent issue. Showcasing the ability to provide cleaning teams and BSC’s with the safest, fastest and most efficient to remove combustible dust and waste. If…
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External High Level Cleaning Systems For Gutter Cleaning This Winter

  Everything You Need To Know ABOUT High-Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment Finding a high-performance gutter-cleaning vacuum system is the key to ensuring your workplace guttering is maintained. Blocked guttering can lead to costly leaks in your roofing, increase the risk of foundation cracks and provide an attractive environment for nesting. Not only this, but blocked…
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sports centre

High Reach Cleaning For Sports Centres | Everything You Need To Know

  Whilst you may only think to clean your floors and sports equipment, it’s also vital that you give attention to your ceilings and higher spaces. Having a dirty ceiling is a definite way to put your customers off coming to your sports facility and it can look unprofessional if left to gather dust and…
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SpaceVac Feature in Dust Safety Journal | September 2022

  SpaceVac Is Featured In The New Issue Of Dust Safety Journal! SpaceVac’s range of DIV.2 certified cleaning systems was recently featured in Dust Safety Journal’s most recent issue. Show casing their ability to provide cleaning teams and BSC’s with the safest, fastest and most efficient to remove combustible dust and waste! If you’d like…
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spacevac external gutter cleaning

The Importance Of Retail Gutter Cleaning

Benefits To Cleaning Gutters On Commercial Buildings Regularly   Autumn is a time when regular gutter cleaning is absolutely crucial. Falling leaves, nesting birds, high winds and excessive rain can all cause issues to your commercial property if left to their own devices. Using high reach gutter cleaning to remove any debris in your gutters to…
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