The Importance Of Dust-Free Galleries & Museums

The Importance Of Dust-Free Galleries & Museums

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Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential aspect of managing a museum or gallery. However, for museum and gallery owners, one of the biggest challenges you will face is how to protect your exhibits from dust.


Dust can cause a range of issues in a museum or gallery.

  • Ruins the appearance of your collection.
  • As dust is abrasive and acidic, it can damage materials that it accumulates on.
  • Dust feeds bacteria as it contains pollen, skin cells, and parts of insects.
  • Dust attracts water which means it can stain and corrode the object it has collected on and this also contributes to bacterial growth.


Using the right equipment, you ensure that all areas of your property are clean and dust-free, including displays and storage facilities.


SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art Cleaning System

At SpaceVac, we offer a variety of museum and fine art cleaning systems. These specialist tools are designed as an add-on for our high-level cleaning equipment so they are effective within museum and gallery environments. However, the equipment is also useful when cleaning historic houses and other areas where dust accumulates.

These cleaning tools and high-level cleaning equipment remove dust from areas across museums and galleries. One of the biggest problems staff face when cleaning these environments is reaching high-level areas. With specialist cleaning equipment, your team can remove dust from high ceilings and other out of reach areas effectively and from the safety of the ground.

Dust is also hazardous to staff and guests in your museum or gallery as it can be combustible. This means it has the potential to catch alight and explode when mixed with air. Removing dust safely requires cleaning tools that are non-spark and anti-static to ensure the dust doesn’t combust.

Our cleaning systems are fully conductive and feature 38mm diameter poles constructed from 100% carbon. This guarantees the system functions without the risk of creating sparks or static, so it can be used in enclosed explosive atmospheres. 

Here are some of the features of our museum and gallery cleaning tools:


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Available With Any System

The museum and gallery pack is ahead kit that can be fitted to any SpaceVac internal poles.


Innovative Brushes

We provide a variety of specialist brush attachments and tools that are highly effective at cleaning up close, which makes them excellent at dust removal. The bristles on the brushes are made with goat’s hair to ensure they’re much softer and less abrasive. This makes them the perfect tool for cleaning artwork or museum displays.

There is also a micro brush kit available that enables the cleaning of tiny details of displays in galleries or museums. These brush kits are unique and help users to clean delicate objects safely while removing all dust from the object’s surface.


New Vacuum Modification

This is a power controller that modifies the suction levels of the vacuum so it can remove dust from delicate objects without the risk of damage. That’s why it’s ideal for cleaning dust from paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.

This cleaning equipment is designed and built for use in specialist environments. They enable a single operator to clean high-level areas safely as they don’t have to leave the ground. Adding on a specialist attachment to these cleaning tools ensures it’s effective at cleaning delicate artworks, artefacts, and other fragile objects.


Specialised Cleaning Equipment For Delicate Art

A big challenge for gallery owners and people with private art collections is cleaning artwork without causing any damage. Not cleaning isn’t an option, as if dust is allowed to accumulate on a painting or sculpture’s surface, it can damage the object irreparably. Lingering dust will also ruin the appearance of artwork and make the display look poorly maintained.

At SpaceVac, we offer cleaning system attachments for cleaning tools that enable the safe removal of dust from delicate artwork. Our systems give the operator complete control over the vacuum suction level and are compatible with different brushes designed for up-close cleaning.


SpaceVac Museum & Gallery Cleaning Tools

We aim to combine unique designs with innovative technology to create cleaning systems that are effective at cleaning delicate artworks and high-level environments within museums and historic houses.

To find cleaning tools near your museum, art gallery, or business, visit our local distributor’s page today or book a demo of one of our products to test if they’re right for your requirements.

Call us on +44 1604 968668 or visit our contact page today to find out more.

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