What Is An ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System?

What Is An ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System?

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ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System

ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners are developed for use in explosive atmospheres where combustible dust such as sugar, starch, flour, wood, resins, plastics, textiles, lightweight metals, and paper have the potential to ignite.

The ATEX directive contains two EU and UK orders on the minimum health and safety requirements for equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Without the right equipment, explosive and hazardous materials could ignite. That’s why workplaces should invest in ATEX vacuum cleaning systems to ensure peace of mind for staff and cleaning operators. 

However, it’s not only dust that creates potentially explosive environments, but gas vapours and mists are also all combustible hazards. This is why any industrial workplace should invest in ATEX vacuum cleaners. These electric and compressed air driven systems ensure operator safety while being easy to use and highly effective at cleaning environments featuring an explosive atmosphere.


The Benefits Of Investing In An ATEX Cleaning System

Clean Within Explosive Atmospheres 

A high concentration of combustible substances mixed with the air leads to the risk of explosion if exposed to a source of ignition. Using ATEX tools and vacuums regularly prevents a build-up of hazardous materials that contribute to an explosive atmosphere.


Safely Clean Out Of Reach Areas 

Within an industrial workplace is high-level areas that can be extremely difficult to clean. ATEX cleaning systems are a safe alternative to other high-reach cleaning tools. They allow operators to clean previously out of reach areas safely as the system reaches 16 metres off the ground without any expensive accessories.


Cost-Effective Cleaning Solution 

ATEX vacuum cleaning systems are an affordable solution that benefits a wide range of industries.


ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System


Key Features Of ATEX Cleaning Systems

  • ATEX Approved.
  • Built from super-lightweight carbon fibre.
  • High suction power.
  • Compliant with HSE regulations.
  • Available with a range of ATEX cleaning tools.


What Is Included With A SpaceVac ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System?

Tools – Compatible with a specialist range of anti-static brushes and many more accessories that enable operators to clean high-level areas safely and efficiently.

Heads – All ATEX cleaning equipment heads are a 100% carbon fibre single-piece construction, which ensures they’re robust while remaining lightweight.

Bespoke Configurations – All heads and tools interconnect to allow operators to create custom constructions that match the operator’s needs when cleaning their high-level environments.

Poles – Each pole can reach up to 16 metres high and is made from carbon fibre to ensure they’re light and easy to handle. The unique safety mechanism also locks the components in place during operation to ensure user protection and non-spark action.

Training and Demonstrations – On-site training so your staff can learn the best way to use the equipment to benefit your industrial workplace.


SpaceVac offers a safe alternative to high reach cleaning methods with its innovative patent-pending ATEX Pro System. Developed for industrial cleaning use in areas classed as explosive atmospheres, it’s simple to use, cost-efficient, and guarantees a 100% fully conductive spark-free operation. SpaceVac’s cleaning system is the only piece of equipment of its kind to be certified as safe for ATEX use.

It’s designed and built to provide an entry point for operators cleaning specialised explosive atmospheres. The system is dynamic to use and is the safest way to remove combustible and hazardous materials before they can pose a risk to staff or property.

To find an ATEX system that uses innovative technology to create a high-level cleaning solution for industrial workplaces, fill in an enquiry form on our contact page today.

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