Cleaning High Ceilings In Commercial Buildings

Cleaning High Ceilings In Commercial Buildings

21/04/2023 Product Focus 0
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Commercial cleaning is often so preoccupied with cleaning on the ground level that the higher spaces in a building are left to gather dust. Whilst we understand that it’s easy to forget about a part of your building that you don’t interact with daily, it’s absolutely essential that you use high level cleaning equipment regularly. Dirt and dust build up can over time affect everything from the health of your staff, to the productivity of your business.


How Often Should I Clean High Ceilings?

How often you clean high ceilings is dependent on what industry you operate in and the nature of your business. General commercial buildings such as office blocks can usually be vacuumed 3 – 4 times a year to ensure that air quality remains high for staff. It’s common for offices to have exposed pipework and HVAC systems that will need to be cleaned, although cleaning tasks shouldn’t take long as rooms are generally smaller (this is obviously dependent on office size).

Larger commercial facilities will not need as frequent cleaning but again this depends on the nature of the business. Sports facilities, churches or warehouses should be cleaned at least once a year to keep on top of dirt and dust levels. Manufacturing facilities that are prone to dirt and dust buildup should be cleaned more frequently. 

ATEX environments should be cleaned as regularly as they need to be to ensure a high level of safety is maintained. A full cleaning plan should be set out and followed as per your ATEX Explosion Risk Assessment.  


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Do You Need Special Equipment For High-Ceiling Cleaning?

To ensure that your high level cleaning tasks are performed in a safe, simple manner, you should use specialist equipment. High level vacuums are the perfect tool as they enable users to vacuum high ceilings without losing any suction, all from the safety of the ground below.  


SpaceVac Hurricane

The SpaceVac Hurricane is our new, custom-designed triple motor vacuum that is used for both wet and dry vacuuming. This system is well suited to commercial buildings as it offers the highest level of suction power from the three single-phase brush motors – enough to deal with very large cleaning tasks such as warehouses, sports centres or large shops. As well as this, it features a 65l dust bin for less frequent emptying. The Hurricane also offers users more for their money as it is as comfortable outside as it is inside.    

SpaceVac Hurricane


SpaceVac Endeavour

The SpaceVac Endeavour is a powerful twin-motor high reach vacuum cleaner that is comfortable with removing high levels of dust and dirt. It features two single-phase brush motors but still offers impressive suction power, alongside a 25l dust bin. The Endeavour would be suitable for use in smaller commercial environments such as shops or smaller storage facilities. 

Spacevac Endevaur


SpaceVac Titan

The SpaceVac Titan is an efficient ATEX-certified high level vacuum that is specifically designed for use in ATEX zones 22 (group II, category 3D). It features a single phase motor that will provide impressive suction power, whilst adhering to the strict safety regulations relevant to ATEX equipment.  

Spacevac Titan


What Are The Benefits Of Investing In High-Level Cleaning Equipment?


Complete High Level Cleaning Tasks in Less Time

Completing high level cleaning tasks in as short a time as possible is always a priority. Using a ladder will require the user to climb up and down before moving the equipment to the next location, scaffolding has a long assembly time and cherry pickers mean that all operations will have to be stopped. Taking longer to complete a job means that your business will experience more downtime and lose out on valuable production time.


They’re Cost-effective

High level cleaning equipment far more cost effective than other forms of cleaning, such as cherry pickers, scaffolding or ladders, because they can complete cleaning tasks in considerably less time. It’s also a one-off payment that is an investment for many years to come. Hiring scaffolders or cherry pickers are expensive and the hiring fees will add up over time. 


Improved Safety

A fundamental reason for using high level cleaning vacuums is that they vastly improve the safety of your procedures. Users operate the vacuums from the ground meaning that potentially hazardous trip and fall accidents are reduced. Falling from a ladder or scaffolding in a commercial environment has the potential to be deadly and it is paramount that user safety is prioritised. 

SpaceVac vacuums come with an innovative safety locking mechanism that ensure the system will not detach during operation. This eradicates the potential for parts separating and falling onto the user below. All SpaceVac systems are also fully HSE compliant.    


High Performance Cleaning

The performance of a SpaceVac high level cleaning equipment is unmatched in the industry. The suction power across the range remains at a high level over long distances thanks to our cutting edge technology. All of our systems can be used with a full range of interchangeable heads and addons that are better suited to certain cleaning tasks, meaning ceilings, HVAC systems and lighting can all be cleaned with ease.   


They’re Easy to Use

Despite being at the forefront of cutting edge design, SpaceVac high level cleaning equipment remains simple and straightforward to use. Even our most powerful systems can be operated safely by an individual with no previous high level cleaning experience. Simply turn the system on, clean the desired area and then move onto the next section.  


Book A Demo Today!

Our high reach vacuums will undoubtedly make your commercial cleaning procedures faster, more efficient and safer. Whether it’s a one off purchase or through our rental service, we guarantee that our systems will deliver the very best in performance thanks to truly market leading technologies. Innovative features, a wide range of accessories and a selection of dynamic, powerful cleaning systems have seen us earn plaudits and rave reviews from customers worldwide.  

If you’re interested in seeing how our high level cleaning equipment can help you perform commercial cleaning tasks, book a demo with SpaceVac today. Alternatively, contact us directly via phone on +44 1604 968668 to find out more.

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