Why The SpaceVac Ultra Internal Cleaning System Is The Perfect For High Reach Cleaning

Why The SpaceVac Ultra Internal Cleaning System Is The Perfect For High Reach Cleaning

31/01/2022 ATEX Resources Product Focus 0

The SpaceVac Ultra Internal

Businesses and facilities managers have to maintain large industrial spaces to keep staff safe. Keeping your workplace clean is essential to reduce the risk of injury, prevent accidents from occurring, and ensure your workplace looks professional and presentable. The build-up of dust and debris in an industrial workplace doesn’t take long, as many hard-to-reach areas require specialist equipment to clean effectively.

That’s why SpaceVac developed the inventive SpaceVac Ultra Internal high reach cleaning system. This unique cleaning tool enables operators to reach areas up to 20m high, without stepping one foot off the ground. You don’t need to invest in additional equipment, such as cherry pickers or scaffolding. Avoid the hassle and expense of hiring this machinery by hiring a single SpaceVac Ultra Internal high reach cleaning system.

The new Ultra iteration of the innovative internal cleaning pole features increased rigidity when cleaning high-reach areas. Because of the pole’s greater firmness, the equipment is easier to handle for operators and increases durability. The Ultra model also features SpaceVac’s unique safety locking mechanism, which ensures the equipment stays compact during use.

Cleaning high reach areas is essential for warehouse and industrial space owners. However, before you hire or purchase equipment to complete this task, you want to know the tool is right for the job. Every workplace is different and every business has different requirements. Keep reading to understand the key features of the SpaceVac Ultra Internal system, so you can decide if it’s the right option for your workplace.


Features of the SpaceVac Ultra Internal

The SpaceVac Ultra was designed and developed to solve a common issue many clients were facing. Despite the wide range of warehouse high reach cleaning tools, many devices didn’t reach over 20m. Factories, warehouses, and other industrial workplaces that had many areas above this height were stuck needing to hire expensive additional equipment. 

However, the Ultra model solves this issue by allowing operators to clean over 20m high without leaving the ground, while still providing all the industry-leading features of SpaceVac’s other high-level poles and more.

Our expert design team were inspired by a lot of challenges highlighted by industrial business owners with large interior workplaces. Many highlighted that internal systems they found on the market didn’t have a flexible range of motion, high enough reach, or weren’t simple to use for operators. Manufactured in the UK, our team developed the system to deliver an innovative solution to these pain points.

The starting point for the design focused on adapting the existing high-quality poles to increase factory and warehouse high reach cleaning efficiency. From there, our engineers developed a pole with an industry-first 12K carbon weave. Manufacturing the system using this material ensures the equipment has the highest quality carbon engineering of any of SpaceVac’s cleaning systems. 

Despite the 12K carbon weave’s low weight, the pole is durable, rigid, and powerful enabling the system to deliver a powerful cleaning performance even when working on high reach areas.


38mm Ultra System Key Specifications

  • No of Poles: 9.5
  • Material: Carbon
  • Carbon Weave: 12k Full Carbon Fibre
  • Working Height: 16m
  • Length of Enclosed Poles: 15m Pole
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Pole Length: 1.6m
  • No of Heads: 4
  • No of Brushes: 5
  • Hose Kit Included: Yes
  • Hose Diameter: 38mm


internal spacevac system


The Key Benefits

  • Health & Safety – SpaceVac’s high-reach cleaning tools are designed and built to follow all HSE regulations. The innovative safety locking mechanism found on the Ultra Internal model, as well as our other cleaning poles, ensures the system never separates during operation. 


  • Ease of Use – Cleaning high-reach areas is a challenge. The Ultra pole was developed to reduce complications and create an easier experience for all operators. Because of the system’s rigidity, it’s much more efficient to handle and allows users to clean without leaving the ground too.


  • Efficient High Reach Cleaning – The system is designed to remove the pain and stress from cleaning large internal spaces. Through its 12K carbon weave construction, powerful suction, and handleability, the Ultra pole helps you clean your workplace effectively and efficiently. 


  • Heavy-Duty Power – In a warehouse or factory, you may need a powerful heavy-duty cleaning tool to remove all dust and debris from your workplace. The Ultra model helps deliver an efficient, heavy-duty cleaning performance, even when operating at world record heights.


  • Adaptable – Available with a wide range of heads, poles, and attachments as standard, the Ultra model can be adapted depending on your cleaning requirements. Instead of investing in additional equipment, this flexible system enables operators to modify the pole when needed.


SpaceVac Ultra High Reach Cleaning System

Book a free demo of the SpaceVac Ultra-high reach cleaning system today. To find out if this high-reach cleaning equipment is right for your workplace, call us on +44 1604 968668 or visit our contact page today.

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