What Is The Best Method For Commercial Gutter Cleaning?

What Is The Best Method For Commercial Gutter Cleaning?

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Gutter Cleaning Equipment 101

One of the most common problems your commercial property will face is blocked guttering. However, with the right high-quality gutter cleaning equipment, you can prevent any problems from occurring by removing blockages safely and quickly. There’s a wide range of high-level gutter cleaning equipment available, however, including gutter vacuums with cameras, it can be a challenge to know what to invest in.

Spotting a blocked gutter before a problem occurs can be tricky. If you wait until the water is overflowing from the guttering, for example, the issue may already have caused damage to the gutters and your commercial property. Stagnant water that pools in the gutter may not be noticeable from ground level either, but can cause the entire system to collapse, which will mean you need to pay for a complete replacement.

As we move through autumn and into the winter months, gutters often become clogged with leaves, debris, and various other detritus. In the UK, during the colder months there’s plenty of rain, and potentially snow, so you need your building’s gutters to drain away all the excess water. When gutters are blocked, the water can build up and cause a wide range of serious issues.

It’s an issue that’s hard to spot, so it’s easy to overlook checking your gutters regularly, but this is an expensive mistake to make. Many business owners believe to check for a blockage in their workplace’s guttering system, you need to use a ladder to climb up high enough to view directly into the gutter. However, using gutter cleaning equipment is a much simpler way to check for blockages and then remove them safely.


What Gutter Cleaning Equipment Should I Invest In?

SpaceVac’s 50mm classic gutter cleaning equipment is a heavy-duty tool designed exclusively for commercial properties. Using the latest technology, the system is simple for operators to use even when cleaning up to 16m high from the ground. External fascias, blocked guttering, and downpipes are all easy and safe to clean using SpaceVac’s high-reach gutter vacuum.

Previously, when cleaning gutters manually this increased the risk to both the cleaner and the guttering. Using a ladder means someone could fall. They will also have to use a trowel to remove the detritus from the guttering, which can potentially damage the system. With high-level gutter cleaning equipment, operators stay grounded and use a lightweight 50mm pole to clear blockages.

A cost-effective investment, high-reach gutter vacuums make regular maintenance of your commercial property’s gutters safe, fast, and simple. When blockages build up this causes issues that cost you money, from expensive repairs to even more expensive replacements. At SpaceVac, we understand how important it is to keep gutters clear of blockages. That’s why we’ve made sure it’s never been easier to do so with our high-level gutter cleaning equipment.


Gutter Cleaning Equipment Key Features

Gutter-Vac 50mm Poles

The brand-new gutter vac pole has an increased 50mm diameter, which makes it the ideal cleaning system for heavy-duty tasks. Having a wider diameter means airflow and the vacuum’s suction increases, even when used to clean at a high level. This improves how efficiently the tool allows operators to clean, whether you’re clearing a gutter blockage or the external fascia.


Lightweight & Durable

Constructed using industry-leading lightweight carbon fibre, the assembly is simple and the system is easy to handle whatever type of commercial property’s gutters are being cleaned. Even at the full 16m extension, the pole retains its manoeuvrability. Despite being lightweight, carbon fibre is also highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about the tool, not lasting long-term.


Different Heads & Tools

Not every gutter blockage is the same because different kinds of debris can create a problem. Whether it’s leaves, twigs, or dirt, all these forms of detritus can stop water from flowing through your guttering to the drainage area. That’s why SpaceVac’s cleaning equipment can be adapted with a wide range of heads and tools. Each tool is suited to removing different kinds of debris, as well as different structures, such as downpipes or box-guttering. Our team can also work with you to create custom heads and tools based on your exact requirements.


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Safety Locking Mechanism

Safety is a top priority when designing all our gutter cleaning equipment. That’s why the poles, heads, and tools are all installed with our innovative safety locking mechanism. This removes the risk of the system’s parts detaching during operation to ensure total operator safety. 


Importance of Cleaning Gutters Regularly

To understand the importance of cleaning your building’s gutters regularly, first, you need to know the risk of gutter blockages. When gutters overflow with water, this can cause:

  • Damp
  • Mould
  • Bacterial growth
  • Leaks inside your property
  • Wall, insulation, foundation, and ceiling damage
  • Wood rot


Making sure your gutters are clean ensures your commercial property is safe from any potential issues. You also make sure the workplace is warm, dry, and protected from damage. Gutters need to be able to carry water away from your property and towards the drainage area. 

When a blockage occurs and this can’t happen, the water is left to pool in the guttering system, which can rot fascia boards, allow water to seep into the property, and lead to water overflowing and dripping down the property’s exterior. Foundational problems can be costly and lead to massive structural issues that are easily preventable with regular gutter cleaning. 

Regular gutter cleaning protects your commercial property from short- and long-term issues. Completing this maintenance task can save you money and time, and reduce any future stress from common problems that arise from gutter blockages. With the right gutter cleaning equipment, anyone can clean gutters effectively from the safety of the ground.


SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Equipment

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