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High Reach Cleaning For Sports Centres | Everything You Need To Know

  Whilst you may only think to clean your floors and sports equipment, it’s also vital that you give attention to your ceilings and higher spaces. Having a dirty ceiling is a definite way to put your customers off coming to your sports facility and it can look unprofessional if left to gather dust and…
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How To Maintain Hygiene At A Large Warehouse Facility

Maintaining hygiene standards at a large warehouse facility can be a daunting task, however, it is an important part of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. There are many things to consider, such as the correct cleaning products to use and the most efficient way to clean such a vast space. In this blog…
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How Can I Improve The High Level Cleaning Process Of My Business?

SaceVac’s High Level Cleaning Equipment SpaceVac is a market leader in high level cleaning equipment after a decade of innovation. The SpaceVac line, which began as a tool for clearing blocked gutters and downpipes, has grown to provide a flexible range of cleaning solutions to organisations across the globe. From facilities management firms to professional…
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How To Clean Warehouses With High Reach Cleaning Equipment

High Reach Cleaning Equipment: How To Clean Your Warehouse Keeping your warehouse clean is essential for health and safety, operational efficiency, and workplace hygiene. Across the floor, debris and dirt build up quickly. However, while the floors in commercial environments often require cleaning most often, they’re also cleaned most regularly. Mopping and sweeping are simple…
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What Is The Best Method For Commercial Gutter Cleaning?

  Gutter Cleaning Equipment 101 One of the most common problems your commercial property will face is blocked guttering. However, with the right high-quality gutter cleaning equipment, you can prevent any problems from occurring by removing blockages safely and quickly. There’s a wide range of high-level gutter cleaning equipment available, however, including gutter vacuums with…
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22/12/2021 0

What’s Included In The SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum?

SpaceVac High Reach ATEX Vacuum SpaceVac is a market leader in high-level cleaning equipment. Our team’s innovative ATEX tools, vacuum cleaning systems, and ATEX cleaning products have received positive reviews across the globe. Originally developing tools for cleaning blocked gutters and downpipes, SpaceVac has evolved and adapted our wide range of products to include high…
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dirty, overflowing gutters.

How A Modular Gutter Cleaner Can Help You With Blocked Gutters

  What Is Gutter Cleaner Equipment? Modular gutter cleaners allow operators to effectively clean from the safety of the ground. The gutter cleaning equipment consists of different pole sections that connect together. This design makes the tool simple to store as you can disassemble the gutter cleaning tool whenever it’s not in use. Unlike telescopic…
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What Are The Different ATEX Zones? | Understanding ATEX Zones

What Is An ATEX Zone? An ATEX zone is typically an area in a workplace where there is the risk of an explosive atmosphere occurring. When there is a build-up of combustible dust or flammable gases in the air, the risk of ignition and explosions increases. This is a massive cause of concern for many…
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SpaceVac: Now Available to Rent Through Sunbelt Rentals

SpaceVac North America is pleased to announce that our range of high-level cleaning systems are now available to rent across the Unites States and Canada for the first time through Sunbelt Rentals.

03/07/2020 0

Five Great Reasons to Rent a SpaceVac Today

As you may have noticed elsewhere on the site over the last week, the team at SpaceVac were delighted recently to announce our new Rental options to customers across the UK. Today on the blog, our operations manager Rob Kruck looks at some of the common reasons why people come to us looking for a…
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