How To Clean Warehouses With High Reach Cleaning Equipment

How To Clean Warehouses With High Reach Cleaning Equipment

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High Reach Cleaning Equipment: How To Clean Your Warehouse

Keeping your warehouse clean is essential for health and safety, operational efficiency, and workplace hygiene. Across the floor, debris and dirt build up quickly. However, while the floors in commercial environments often require cleaning most often, they’re also cleaned most regularly. Mopping and sweeping are simple tasks to complete, which is why warehouse floors are cleaned more often than ceilings, despite ceilings requiring regular cleaning too.

The truth is: cleaning your warehouse’s ceiling doesn’t have to be a challenge if you have the right high reach cleaning equipment. Although not initially noticeable, your warehouse’s ceiling can become dirty, creating a wide range of hazards. This is why cleaning high-level locations in your warehouse shouldn’t be ignored. So, how do you clean the ceiling in your warehouse as well as any other hard-to-reach areas?


How To Clean Your Warehouse’s Ceiling

High reach areas present a clear challenge, how do you reach where you need to clean? Many business owners believe that to clean a large commercial warehouse ceiling they need to hire expensive equipment such as cherry pickers. However, cherry pickers are an expensive answer to this problem that lifts the cleaner to the area that needs cleaning. A more affordable, efficient, and effective solution is high reach cleaning equipment.

Featuring an extendable cleaning pole, the system allows operators to clean from the safety of the ground. Ladders, scaffolding, and cherry pickers that lift cleaners to high-reach areas create unnecessary hazards, particularly falls. Despite being closer to the area they’re cleaning, this strategy can also make it more difficult for operators cleaning the ceiling. A high reach vacuum system makes the task safer and makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.


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With high reach cleaning equipment, you don’t need to have extensive skills. Anyone can use the tools to maintain a warehouse. Without having to step one foot off the ground, operators only have to extend the cleaning pole towards the ceiling to complete the task. The right high reach vacuum system enables users to clean high-level areas and also hard-to-reach locations, such as behind pipes and lighting fixtures.

Investing in the SpaceVac Ultra internal vacuum system is an affordable and efficient way to maintain your warehouse. Don’t ignore hard-to-reach areas in the workplace. The buildup of dust, dirt, and debris not only looks unprofessional but creates health and safety hazards too. Solve these issues with SpaceVac’s innovative internal high reach vacuum today. 


Why You Should Invest In A SpaceVac Ultra Internal Vacuum System

Building on the success of SpaceVac’s innovative cleaning equipment, the Ultra is the most powerful and durable extendable cleaning pole yet. Developed and manufactured in the UK, the 12K carbon weave extendable cleaning poles are designed for high-power uses in large interior spaces. Even when operating at over 20m in height, the Ultra generates high suction power making it ideal for industrial warehouse applications.

Like with all SpaceVac’s exclusive high reach cleaning equipment, the goal of the Ultra was to improve cleaning performance. Because of the high-quality carbon engineering, the extendable cleaning pole is lightweight, durable, and easy to use for operators, making heavy-duty cleaning possible at world record heights.


Benefits of SpaceVac Ultra Internal Vacuum System

  • Ease of UseThe pole is constructed from high-quality carbon fibre to reduce the system’s weight and increase its rigidity. This ensures that the high reach cleaning equipment is easy for operators to use. You don’t need training or experience to clean your warehouse’s ceiling using the Ultra internal vacuum – you don’t even need to be strong.
  • Bespoke Design – No two warehouses are the same. At SpaceVac, we understand every workplace is different which is why all our high reach cleaning equipment is adaptable with a wide range of tools and heads. Operators can fit different attachments onto the extendable cleaning pole to create a bespoke design. Whether the ceiling has wide pipes or hanging lights, the tool can be customised based on your requirements.
  • Camera Kit – Despite being able to remain on the safety of the ground, you can still have a clear view of the area you’re cleaning. The wireless video camera attached to the cleaning pole allows for real-time inspection and monitoring of hard-to-reach, high-level areas. There’s no guesswork required when using the SpaceVac Ultra system, you know exactly when the task is completed.
  • Innovative Safety FeaturesTo prevent separation during use, the extendable cleaning pole is fitted with SpaceVac’s innovative safety locking mechanism. This exclusive device prevents the parts of the cleaning equipment from separating while being used to protect the operator.


38mm Ultra System Key Features

  • No of Poles: 9.5
  • Material: Carbon
  • Carbon Weave: 12k Full Carbon Fibre
  • Working Height: 16m
  • Length of Enclosed Poles: 15m
  • Pole Diameter: 38mm
  • Pole Length: 1.6m
  • No of Heads: 4
  • No of Brushes: 5
  • Hose Kit Included: Yes
  • Hose Diameter: 38mm


SpaceVac High Reach Cleaning Equipment

Heard all you need to hear about the Ulta internal cleaning system? Get in touch with SpaceVac today, call our team on 01604 968668 or enquire via our contact page now. You can experience the high reach cleaning equipment yourself, book a free demo of any of SpaceVac’s innovative cleaning systems today.

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