How Can I Improve The High Level Cleaning Process Of My Business?

How Can I Improve The High Level Cleaning Process Of My Business?

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SaceVac’s High Level Cleaning Equipment

SpaceVac is a market leader in high level cleaning equipment after a decade of innovation. The SpaceVac line, which began as a tool for clearing blocked gutters and downpipes, has grown to provide a flexible range of cleaning solutions to organisations across the globe. From facilities management firms to professional cleaners, SpaceVac has received plaudits across the world after nearly a decade of refining and development. 

The 38mm internal classic high level cleaning is one of SpaceVac’s most innovative pieces of equipment to date. Based on years of refining designs, the high-reach vacuum is simple to use, offers improved safety, and delivers effective cleaning results. But what makes this equipment stand out from the other innovative systems in SpaceVac’s line?

Keep reading to discover if the 38mm internal classic high level cleaning equipment is right for your organisation.

Why Choose The 38mm Internal Classic High Level Cleaning Equipment

For high-level commercial maintenance and cleaning, the 38mm internal classic high-reach vacuum system. The SpaceVac internal high level cleaning equipment provides a complete commercial cleaning solution that allows cleaning operators to clean up to 12 metres high from the ground floor. 

The cleaning performance is quick, safe, and efficient. The system removes the need for expensive equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, or scaffolding, which don’t only require monetary investment but time as well.

Here are just some of the innovative features the high-reach vacuum offers to commercial premises.

  • Lightweight Cleaning ToolsThe system features high-quality carbon fibre poles with a 38mm internal diameter to ensure the equipment is both light and strong. For the convenience of assembly, the poles can also be set up vertically to save time and energy. 
  • Customisable Shapes – SpaceVac’s cleaning heads, tools, and accessories all connect to form customised shapes that can reach into and over any obstacle or problem area. This ensures that you can access all of those difficult-to-reach locations to keep your commercial space clean.
  • Camera Kit – Another feature that takes the system to the next level is a wireless video and monitoring system that allows for real-time inspection and monitoring of the area being cleaned from the safety of the ground floor.
  • Guaranteed Safety – All of SpaceVac’s cleaning poles feature a ‘Safety Locking Mechanism’ that ensures complete operator safety while in operation.

Top Tips For Improving Your High Level Cleaning Process

Any commercial premises needs regular cleaning. Retail stores, warehouses, factories, and hotels all need cleaning to remove dust and debris that builds up. However, keeping your workplace clean isn’t always as simple as using a cloth, sometimes you need specialist high level cleaning equipment.

Being able to reach high-level areas is a common challenge for facilities managers and professional cleaners. Without SpaceVac’s innovative system, you will have to rely on equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, and scaffolding. Using SpaceVac’s high level cleaning equipment reduces the cost of hiring this other machinery, saves you time, and makes cleaning high-reach areas much more efficient.

SpaceVac’s high level cleaning equipment is a smart long-term investment. As well as saving money by removing the need to hire additional machinery, the system’s sturdy, strong carbon fibre poles provide unmatched durability. Investing in the 38mm internal classic high-level cleaning means you will have an effective tool for years to come.

When cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as behind equipment and above ceiling lights, the challenge isn’t only reaching the location but seeing what you’re doing. If the cleaning operator is unable to view where they’re cleaning, they will have to guess when the area is clean. SpaceVac removed the guesswork by installing a high-tech camera onto the pole. 

With SpaceVac’s high level cleaning equipment, operators have a clear view of any high-reach areas. The camera also reduces the risk of damage occurring to any area of the workplace you’re cleaning. Being able to view any equipment or surface makes cleaning easier and safer.

SpaceVac’s equipment makes the cleaning process simpler and more efficient. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of scheduling regular cleaning, it’s easy for operators to clean high-level areas effectively while remaining safe on the ground. Don’t ignore hard-to-reach parts of your workplace, use SpaceVac’s innovative cleaning equipment to keep any commercial premises safe, clean, and hygienic.

SpaceVac High Level Cleaning Equipment

Get in touch with SpaceVac today, call our team on 01604 968668 or enquire via our contact page now. You can experience the 38mm internal classic high level cleaning equipment yourself, book a free demo of any of SpaceVac’s innovative cleaning systems today.

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