Choosing A Museum High Level Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing A Museum High Level Vacuum Cleaner

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a High Level Vacuum Cleaner for your Museum

If you run a museum then you’ll be aware of the importance of keeping the space clean, tidy, and free of debris. Dust and unwanted dirt can cause damage to exhibits, and it can make the experience unpleasant for visitors who will be expecting a near sterile environment in which the focus is on the artifacts, not the surroundings.

Keeping the ground clean is relatively easy because it’s within reach; however, museums are rarely on one level. Most have high ceilings, multiple floors, and intricate levels to reach. It’s vitally important that high levels are kept clean like lower levels, even if they’re not in direct sight. Even more so, the top of large exhibits must be kept clean and free of debris without damaging the artifact itself.

If you’re struggling with reaching high points in your museum safely, a high level vacuum could be just what you need.


Choosing a High Level Vacuum Cleaner for Your Museum 

There are several different high reach vacuum cleaners on the market, but SpaceVac’s Museum & Fine Art High Level Cleaning System is one of the most reliable and popular solutions in the UK.

It’s an add-on system that can transform any existing SpaceVac or Universal cleaning system into a high level cleaning solution, meaning you don’t need to buy an entirely new solution. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it’s also more sustainable and efficient.

The SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System has been specifically designed for museums and art galleries, which means the attachments are bespoke to the intended use. With this in mind, the kit comes with specialist brushes and tools, including goat hair brushes and detail cleaning brushes. These won’t damage our museum or its contents, but will instead ensure a pristine finish.

Another aspect of the SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System is that it comes with a variable power controller. This allows you to reduce the suction power of your high reach vacuum cleaner to a speed that is appropriate for removing debris and dust from delicate items and artifacts, such as paintings and tapestries.

All of the above make the SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System a great high level cleaning choice. If you’re unsure and want to try before you buy, you can book a demo to see the system in action.


What Should I Look for When Purchasing a High Level Vacuum for a Museum?

You may be wondering what specifics you need to look for when choosing a high level vacuum, and that in itself may lead you to consider a traditional high reach cleaning system.

Whilst they may appear to do the same job, internal high level vacuums, like the SpaceVac Lite, are not the most appropriate choice for a museum or fine art gallery. If you need to clean an area that contains important artifacts, paintings, memorabilia, or displays, you need to make sure your apparatus won’t damage the pieces in question.

The SpaceVac Lite is a great solution for domestic settings and it can even be used in commercial settings where light cleaning is required, but museums and galleries tend to be large spaces that require more intricate cleaning.

The tools included with the SpaceVac Lite system are not designed for use on or around delicate exhibits, with the flexi brush and small round brush posing a potential damage risk. Instead, if you already have the SpaceVac Lite system but want to use it to complete high level cleaning in a specialised historical setting, you’ll need the Museums & Fine Art System attachment.

As the SpaceVac Lite is an internal cleaning system, the Museums & Fine Art System can easily be added to it, giving you the same 7m reach and effortless high level vacuum cleaning performance, but in a way that’s specifically designed for museums and galleries.


The Museums & Fine Art System comes with a round horse hair brush, a goat hair brush, a flexi horse hair brush, and an eight-piece micro tool kit including a hose adapter. These attachments are the difference between damaging your artifacts and not.


5 Reasons To Invest in a High Level Vacuum for Your Museum

If you’re still unsure whether the SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System is worth the investment, here are five core advantages that it offers.

1. Specifically Designed for Museums and Fine Art Settings

Firstly, it’s unlike any other type of high level vacuum cleaner in the sense that its sole purpose is to clean high up and hard reach areas within museum and art gallery settings. The system has been engineered not to damage exhibits, whereas non-specialist systems may be too powerful or have synthetic attachments that could result in costly damage.


2. Comes With Specialised Attachments to Avoid Damaging Artifacts and Displays

As mentioned, standard synthetic brushes and attachments could damage exhibits. For example, if you have an aircraft on display at your museum, you need to ensure you clean the top of it but in a way that doesn’t scratch the paint or leave marks on the aircraft that could decrease its value or cause irreparable damage.

The micro/detailing tools and horse and goat hair attachments included in the Museums & Fine Art System will clean effectively but not damage displays.


3. Can be Used in Conjunction With Existing SpaceVac and Universal Cleaning Systems

Sustainability and affordability are important, and the SpaceVac high reach vacuum system for museums provides both. You can maximise your existing SpaceVac or Universal cleaning kit without having to fork out for an entirely new system.


4. Makes High Level Cleaning Safe

Cleaning at height can be dangerous, but the SpaceVac system makes it safe. Reaching up to 7m high and with a unique Safety Locking Mechanism, operators can remain firmly on the ground and not have to worry about loose poles or failing equipment.


5.  Variable Speed Controller Ensures Displays Can be Kept Clean But Won’t be Damaged

Finally, the variable speed controller included with the Museums & Fine Art System means you can lower the suction speed when cleaning delicate areas, further ensuring you don’t damage the items in question.

If you want to learn more about the SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art vacuum System and how it could work for your museum, please contact us online or call us on 01604 968668 today.  

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