ATEX Tools | Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

ATEX Tools | Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

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What Are ATEX Tools?

The term ATEX cleaning equipment (an abbreviation for ‘Atmospheres Explosible’) refers to tools that can be operated safely in an explosive atmosphere. The term encompasses all potentially hazardous explosive environments where either gas or dust – such as flour mills, food processing plants, and factories – is present.

Industrial workplaces need specialist industrial cleaning tools to adhere to health and safety regulations and keep workers safe. ATEX cleaning equipment allows users to manage levels of combustible materials to minimise the risk of combustion and explosion. By using ATEX-approved equipment there is little to no risk of the system generating a spark or build-up of static – both of which can trigger devastating primary and secondary explosions.

ATEX cleaning equipment provides the specialist support that you and your cleaning operatives require to clean your industrial environment. Here are some examples of areas where ATEX cleaning equipment is essential: 


When Should You Clean with ATEX Tools?

Explosive Atmospheres

An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of dangerous substances in the air under atmospheric conditions. This will be in the form of gases, vapours, mist, or dust which can lead to spontaneous combustion if an ignition spreads through the atmosphere. For example, in a workplace where staff spray paint vehicles the paint will release flammable gasses into the atmosphere. 

In an area where fine organic dust like grain flour or wood is handled, combustible dust will also become a risk. To further heighten this risk, the smaller the particles involved, the higher potential the risk of combustion – making fine powders like sugar in particular highly dangerous.

If you’re working in an explosive atmosphere, you will need tools that have no chance of igniting. ATEX tools are 100% carbon to ensure the equipment is non-spark and anti-static. This is essential when being used in an enclosed environment where flammable gases or combustible dust are in the atmosphere.

The ATEX Pro System is a fully-conductive kit that features 38mm diameter poles. It allows you to clean in high-ceilinged, explosive environments safely and efficiently. They’re designed to remove the risk of ignition and make industrial cleaning easy. The ATEX Lite high-reach cleaning system will also allow you to remove combustible dust before it becomes a risk to staff or the property.


Warehouses with High-Ceilings

The main issue people face when cleaning industrial settings is the height of the building. High-ceilinged warehouses are impossible to clean with standard tools. Our range of ATEX tools offers five systems for different budgets and requirements – including SpaceVac’s ATEX ULTRA High-Level Vacuum Cleaning Systems – a system that allows you to clean up to 20 metres in height from the floor.

Being able to clean this high in the air without leaving the ground ensures the safety of your team and is a much more efficient method of cleaning. ATEX vacuum cleaning systems are ideal for internal and external pipe and fixture cleaning. Whether you work at a factory, warehouse, or commercial building, this ATEX tool makes industrial cleaning easy.

ATEX cleaning equipment is precision-engineered to provide specialist cleaning support. You can have peace of mind over your staff’s safety and the fact you’re getting an unmatched cleaning performance. Across a variety of industries, ATEX vacuum cleaning systems can provide effective and efficient cleaning.


high ceiling with ATEX equipment.


Customisable ATEX Tools to Fit Your Workplace

Every industrial workplace is unique and will have different cleaning needs as well as hazards. But there are universal protocols that all ATEX tools should follow to ensure your staff’s safety. When working in an explosive atmosphere, all cleaning equipment needs to ensure no sparks are created.

That’s why all of our poles, heads, and tools feature a 100% reliable “Safety Locking Mechanism”. This removes the risk of any parts of the system coming loose while in operation, which could lead to a spark in an explosive atmosphere. However you need to customise an ATEX tool, it should also lock into place securely.

Another factor to consider when purchasing cleaning equipment is where you’re cleaning in your workplace. Hard-to-reach parts of the building require specialist tools. All heads and tools should interconnect to create a bespoke configuration that matches the height you need to clean.

Anti-static brushes, carbon fibre heads, and other ATEX tool accessories all provide flexible cleaning choices. When there are many customisable options, it may be difficult to find the match for your requirements. However, our team at SpaceVac can guide you towards the ideal tools for your workplace’s cleaning needs.


SpaceVac’s ATEX Cleaning Equipment

Spacevac offers a wide range of ATEX cleaning equipment that is suitable for a range of different environments. Regardless of the system you choose, all of our systems will guarantee safety, performance and affordability: 

ATEX Lite – The ATEX Lite is an entry-level system that is perfect for operators working in smaller-scale explosive environments. 

ATEX Pioneer – A powerful midrange system with up to 20 feet of reach. The perfect model for occasional users.

ATEX Pro 38mm – Fully conductive system with 38mm poles made from 100% carbon. A wide range of additional cleaning heads and tools are available.

Atex Pro 50mm – The ATEX Pro 50mm has been specifically designed for heavy industrial environments. The wider pole gives better airflow and with less risk of blockage. 

Atex Ultra – The heaviest-duty ATEX vacuum in the Spacevac range. The ATEX Ultra promises the very best in performance and durability, all whilst remaining simple to use. 


SpaceVac Cleaning Tools

At SpaceVac, we’re experts in high-level ATEX vacuum cleaning systems and other industrial cleaning tools. Our innovative technology has been developed to provide a safe, effective, and efficient operation.

To find ATEX tools near your business, visit our local distributor’s page today, or book a demo of one of our products to test if they’re right for your workplace.

Call us on +44 1604 968668 or visit our contact page today to find out more.


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