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ATEX Tools | Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

What Are ATEX Tools? The term ATEX cleaning equipment (an abbreviation for ‘Atmospheres Explosible’) refers to tools that can be operated safely in an explosive atmosphere. The term encompasses all potentially hazardous explosive environments where either gas or dust – such as flour mills, food processing plants, and factories – is present. Industrial workplaces need…
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04/11/2020 0

Weetabix (UK)

When Facilities Management company Servest  began a new contract to clean the Weetabix facility in Burton Latimer, it became obvious very quickly that the built up organic dust from the production lines presented the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of SpaceVac. Needing to balance cleaning performance with minimal operational downtime, SpaceVac was called in and…
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05/11/2018 0
SpaceVac Arrive in Brazil

SpaceVac Chega ao Brasil!

For those of you that don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese – the title says SpaceVac arrives in Brazil! After an interesting 28 hour journey, our Global Sales Director Grant has touched down in Brazil yesterday for a busy week on boarding our new Brazilian distributor Grupo Brasmo. Over the course of the first few days, Grant…
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