Weetabix (UK)

Weetabix (UK)

05/11/2018 Case Studies 0

When Facilities Management company Servest  began a new contract to clean the Weetabix facility in Burton Latimer, it became obvious very quickly that the built up organic dust from the production lines presented the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of SpaceVac.

Needing to balance cleaning performance with minimal operational downtime, SpaceVac was called in and our ATEX cleaning system was trialled in a direct head to head comparison with another competitor.

Proving themselves to be the superior cleaning system – with a greater focus on operator safety, SpaceVac was officially adopted across the site in 2017 as an integral part of the onsite teams regular maintenance and cleaning.

“The introduction of SpaceVac to our team has made a tremendous impact. We are now able to clean high-level ducting  fixtures and sprinklers, to name a few, within factory areas while production is still running. We don’t need to train half our team to be MEWP operators or carry out in-depth Working at Height courses. TheSpaceVac equipment is lightweight, simple and effective – I’m sure a child could assemble and use it!”

The different brush head attachments are great as they move in different directions and are different sizes making them more task specific to certain areas / shapes of surface.OveralI, I would highly recommend the SpaceVac, why risk a fall from height accident when you can do the job standing on the ground?!

Rachel Chambers, Servest Compliance Manager, Weetabix


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