Why Should I Invest in Gutter Cleaning Tools?

Why Should I Invest in Gutter Cleaning Tools?

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High-level gutter cleaning equipment is a heavy-duty cleaning tool that assists operators to clean external fascias and downpipes. It’s a cost-effective investment that helps users clean safely and efficiently, which saves a business both time and money. These cleaning systems can reach up to 16m and, without the operator having to leave the ground, make cleaning hard to reach areas easy and efficient.

If a building’s gutters are not regularly maintained, this can lead to a wide range of issues. Routine cleaning using specialist gutter cleaning systems could save you potentially thousands of pounds in repair costs to the roof and exterior of your building, as well as working hours lost from damage to your property. 

Let’s explore some examples of the best equipment available, so you have an idea of the ideal option for your industry and building.


The Benefits of Gutter Cleaning Tools

Clean More Efficiently

Using a high-level gutter cleaning system allows operators to clean without leaving any mess or debris behind. As the system is flexible and easy to manoeuvre, the operator can also clean all internal areas of the guttering, including hard to reach corners. The level of precision that comes with gutter vac poles is impossible to replicate manually.

The equipment also enables operators to dislodge heavier blockages and deposits quickly which could be a tough challenge to remove by hand. As the pole is 50mm in diameter it has a more powerful airflow which prevents it from becoming blocked with debris even when cleaning heavy-duty debris.


Increased Operator Safety

When cleaning guttering manually the person cleaning will need a ladder and multiple tools, such as scarpers and handheld brushes. Working with these tools increases the risk of an accident occurring, even when they’re experienced. However, using the gutter vac pole allows the operator to clean from the safety of the ground floor.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cleaning a domestic property or multi-storey industrial buildings, gutter cleaning systems enable operators to clean without leaving the ground. This means owners won’t have to hire out scaffolding or other equipment to scale the building, which decreases the risk of any workplace accidents but also saves money on extra costs.


Cost-Effective Investment

High-level gutter cleaning systems are a cost-effective investment in the long and short-term. Once you purchase a gutter cleaning system, whatever type of property’s gutters you’re cleaning, only one operator is required to use the equipment. This saves an organisation taking up more than one member of staff’s valuable work time and also means they don’t have to spend money hiring external operators.

Regular maintenance prevents blockages from building up and causing damage to a building’s roof, as well as external structures. Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to stop a costly issue from occurring, so an organisation can avoid paying for costly repairs.

Because of the system’s efficient performance, the cleaning process is much faster than if it’s attempted manually. This saves an organisation time which they can then spend on other areas of their operations. For all of these reasons, investing in a high-level gutter cleaning system is a smart investment for now and the future.


High-Level Cleaning Tools

At SpaceVac, we offer effective, simple to use, and affordable cleaning systems. Our cleaning systems are an efficient cleaning solution for a wide range of properties, including domestic, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Here are some examples of high-level cleaning equipment we offer:


50MM Classic External Gutter Cleaning System

The gutter cleaning system is constructed from high-quality carbon fibre, which ensures it’s durable and lightweight. As the system weighs less, the operator has total control over it during the cleaning process and can easily manoeuvre the tool as needed, even when working at the full 16m height. 

As the equipment features a 50mm in diameter gutter vac pole it is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning operations because the airflow and suction are improved even when used at a high level.

To create an adaptable cleaning solution, it also comes with a complete set of heavy-duty, industrial tools and heads. These allow the operator to customise the gutter cleaning system so it is the best fit for the job. For example, the operator can adapt the equipment between removing blockages and cleaning downpipes and box-guttering.

As well as multiple tools and head attachments, the equipment features a camera that allows the operator to see inside the funnel while they’re cleaning. The camera streams via Bluetooth and makes the cleaning process much easier for the operator as they have a clear view of any blockages and debris inside.

Just like with the other accessories, the gutter vac poles, tools, and heads are all fitted with SpaceVac’s unique safety locking mechanism. The mechanism ensures the device remains secure during use, so it doesn’t detach when extended.

While there is a conversion kit for this piece of equipment, SpaceVac also offers a universal high-level cleaning system:


SpaceVac 50mm Universal High-Level Cleaning System

This gutter cleaning system has all the features that make it effective at cleaning, but it can also be used for internal cleaning. This gutter vac pole is a flexible solution to a wide range of cleaning problems, such as cleaning high-level areas inside your property. If there are many cleaning challenges in your workplace, this tool is a universal solution that will save you time and money in the long-term.

The system is constructed around the 50mm gutter vac pole design, which means it comes with the complete set of gutter cleaning tools and heads. However, it’s also fitted with an adaptor so it can be modified quickly for internal use. Whenever you want to switch between external and internal use, simply change the fittings, such as the 38mm brushes, and the system will be ready to clean high-level areas inside your property.


Gutter cleaning equipment


SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Systems

At SpaceVac, we’re experts in high-level gutter cleaning equipment. We aim to combine unique designs with innovative technology to create cleaning systems that are effective for a variety of building exteriors.

To find high-level cleaning systems near your business, visit our local distributor’s page today, or book a demo of one of our products to test if they’re right for your workplace.


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