A Universal Solution…

A Universal Solution…

07/09/2020 About SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Product Focus 0
SpaceVac high reach gutter cleaning tool in action - image 9

Over recent years, the team here at SpaceVac International has worked hard to create a range of cleaning systems suitable for use in almost any business environment.

In the last 12 months alone, we have also been developing a range of specialist systems to maximise the potential of SpaceVac for use in particular these areas. The results of this pursuit of innovation has been the recent launch of our Food and Drink and high-voltage systems and this range will soon be joined by our brand new system specifically designed for use in museums and art galleries.

For some clients however – their main requirement of SpaceVac is for a flexible solution that can be used in any area. This is particularly true of our colleagues in the FM sector who often work across a range of diverse sectors and operating environments.

For operators looking to get maximum flexibility out of their new SpaceVac – a great solution comes in the form of our Universal cleaning system.


The core of our Universal system is a set of our standard 50mm cleaning poles and tools – as found in our standard external cleaning kit. This provides operators with everything they need to get to work removing blockages and debris from gutters and downpipes up to 5 stories high.

As the name suggests though – the Universal system can also be utilised in an internal setting as well making it a dual purpose system and doubling the potential opportunity for owners to chase new business.

You see – in addition to the the full set of external cleaning tools, the Universal system features a unique 50-38mm adaptor tool and a full set of brushes and cleaning tools for internal cleaning as well – providing options for walls, floors and ceilings as well as the correct tools for cleaning over and around ducting, vents, pipework and other obstacles as well. This flexible solution is incredibly popular and allows owners to begin opening up new client bases and revenue streams in no time as they add not one but two new services to the client portfolio.

The best way to see for yourself the difference that our Universal system Could make to your cleaning and FM regime, is to book a free demo on your premises today! Reach out and contact us today!


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