Do I Need ATEX Certified Equipment?

Do I Need ATEX Certified Equipment?

24/06/2022 ATEX Resources 0

What is ATEX Equipment?

If you work with potentially flammable or explosive products that need refilling, you’ll be aware of the myriad of safety precautions that you need to take to ensure you’re legally compliant and not putting anyone in danger or at risk from an explosion or fire. With this in mind, you’ll likely have heard of ATEX certified equipment, but do you know what it is and if you need it?

In this blog, we’re going to look at what ATEX equipment is, what equipment needs to be ATEX certified, and where you can buy ATEX certified equipment.

Why Does ATEX Equipment Need to be Certified?

There are many instances where your workplace may generate an explosive atmosphere. Wherever there is combustible material, be it dust, gas, or vapour, there is the potential for it to become dangerous and explosive when it reacts with the air and there is an ignition. An ignition can be as small as a spark, and this can be unpredictable. To help prevent disaster, environments where there are combustibles are tightly monitored.

If you manufacture paint, run a petrol station, or handle organic dust like wood or flour, you will have to conduct in-depth risk assessments to ensure the safety and legality of your plant. This will involve risk assessments and guidance on things like equipment, and this is where ATEX equipment comes in.

In short, ATEX equipment relates to two directives from Europe that set the standard for explosive atmosphere control. Just like a risk assessment, it is expected and mandatory that you have ATEX approved equipment that is certified for use in a high-pressure environment.

When equipment is ATEX certified, it is deemed intrinsically safe and has been specifically designed for use in high pressure or explosive environments. This means ATEX equipment won’t spark or reach high temperatures that could possibly cause an explosion. If equipment isn’t ATEX certified, then it hasn’t been tested and therefore could potentially cause an explosion. This poses a risk to life. Equipment must be ATEX approved under either Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 153/ATEX Workplace Directive) or Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114/ATEX Equipment Directive).

Where Can I Find ATEX Certified Equipment?

Sourcing ATEX cleaning equipment in the UK couldn’t easier than with SpaceVac. We stock a wide range of ATEX approved equipment and machinery, including the below products.


If you’re looking for an entry-level piece of equipment for a specialised explosive atmosphere, the ATEX Lite Cleaning System is perfect for removing combustible dust from the air.

The kit comes with a conductive tool, three 1.25m cleaning poles, a pole bag, a conductive flat surface tool, a conductive small round brush, a conductive 90-degree cleaning head, a conductive 45-degree cleaning head, a mesh bag, a vacuum cuff, a 5m conductive hose, a conductive hose to pole adapter, and a hose bag.

ATEX Pioneer

The ATEX Pioneer is a midrange solution that extends up to 20 feet to remove paper, wood, and flour. The kit comes complete with a conductive tool, three 1.6m cleaning poles, a 0.8m half pole, a pole bag, a conductive flat surface tool, a conductive small round brush, a 135-degree cleaning head, a conductive 90-degree cleaning head, a conductive 45-degree cleaning head, a mesh bag, a vacuum cuff, a 5m conductive hose, a conductive hose to pole adapter, and a hose bag.

ATEX Pro 38mm

If you are looking for a high-end solution, the patent pending ATEX Pro 38mm is a specialised cleaning tool that is 100% conductive and ATEX certified. The anti-static surface means the tool generates no sparks thanks to the 100% carbon surface. It comes with all the same equipment as the ATEX Pioneer and has been carefully designed for use in industrial factories.

ATEX Pro 50mm

If you require a heavy-duty cleaning solution, the ATEX Pro 50mm High Level Vacuum Cleaning System is ideal. Like the 38mm Pro, it’s patent pending but is still independently certified to be ATEX 114 compliant. The 50mm cleaning poles mean there is less risk of blockage and increased airflow, making light work of even the most strenuous job. Again, it’s entirely conductive and comes with a complete range of carbon head and tools to allow you to easily clean at height.

It can be assembled in just two minutes and features the SpaceVac unique safety locking mechanism for additional operator safety. This system is used by some of the biggest clients in the world, including Coca-Cola and Hovis.

ATEX Ultra

The ATEX Ultra 38mm Cleaning System is our most heavy-duty system. It has the same safety features as the other systems but is designed to reach higher and clean on a more intense scale. It’s ATEX certified and is the best solution if you need maximum cleaning,

Investing in ATEX Certified Equipment

If you’re looking to invest in ATEX equipment, SpaceVac can help you. We are pioneers in ATEX equipment and have designed some of the most revolutionary ATEX products on the market today. Our products guarantee quality and safety, as well as compliance. We also offer competitive pricing, with demos available on request so you can try before you buy.

For maximum flexibility, we also offer finance plans on our ATEX cleaning systems. If you’d like to find out more about our products and which ones might be best for you, please contact us. Alternatively, request a quote online. 

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