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SpaceVac Feature in Dust Safety Journal | September 2022

  SpaceVac Is Featured In The New Issue Of Dust Safety Journal! SpaceVac’s range of DIV.2 certified cleaning systems was recently featured in Dust Safety Journal’s most recent issue. Show casing their ability to provide cleaning teams and BSC’s with the safest, fastest and most efficient to remove combustible dust and waste! If you’d like…
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spacevac external gutter cleaning

The Importance Of Retail Gutter Cleaning

Benefits To Cleaning Gutters On Commercial Buildings Regularly   Autumn is a time when regular gutter cleaning is absolutely crucial. Falling leaves, nesting birds, high winds and excessive rain can all cause issues to your commercial property if left to their own devices. Using high reach gutter cleaning to remove any debris in your gutters to…
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Why A High Reach Internal Vacuum Is A Good Long Term Investment

High reach internal vacuums are fantastic solutions for cleaning those difficult to reach areas of your home or business. High reach cleaning equipment is essential for safely cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach, and would require the use of ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers.    By purchasing a SpaceVac vacuum, you can…
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SpaceVac case study in dust safety journal

SpaceVac Feature in Dust Safety Journal | Combustible dust cleaning

  SpaceVac in the new issue of Dust Safety Journal. Our Lantmännen Bakery (Finland) case study has been featured in the latest issue of Dust Safety Journal on page 18. This is the official Magazine of the Dust Safety Science Community that talks about hazard awareness, and best practices and shares education and knowledge to…
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cleaning art

Choosing A Museum High Level Vacuum Cleaner

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a High Level Vacuum Cleaner for your Museum If you run a museum then you’ll be aware of the importance of keeping the space clean, tidy, and free of debris. Dust and unwanted dirt can cause damage to exhibits, and it can make the experience unpleasant for visitors who…
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atex equipment cleaning combustible dust.

What Is ATEX Certified Equipment?

Everything You Need To Know About ATEX Certified Equipment A product with ATEX certification has been fully tested and approved for use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres. ATEX refers to the two European Directives for regulating explosive atmospheres:   Directive 1999/92/EC (‘ATEX 153’ or ‘ATEX Workplace Directive’) Directive 2014/34/EU (‘ATEX 114′ or ‘ATEX Equipment Directive’)   A…
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Everything You Need to Know About SpaceVac Titan

WHAT IS THE SPACEVAC TITAN? The SpaceVac Titan is a high-quality, industrial vacuum cleaner that is ATEX-certified. It is designed and constructed for use with SpaceVac’s high-level ATEX equipment. The SpaceVac Titan ATEX vacuum features industry-leading suction and airflow levels to ensure the safe removal of combustible dust. It is the ideal ATEX equipment for…
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What Are The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

Gutter maintenance is an essential part of looking after any property. For gutter cleaning companies looking to provide a high-quality service, using the right gutter cleaning tools is crucial, not to mention, a smart long-term investment. Providing high-quality gutter cleaning increases your chance of repeat custom and recommendations. BEST GUTTER CLEANING TOOLS IN THE INDUSTRY…
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food facility

The Importance of Cleaning Specialist Food Production Facilities

Cleaning Specialist Food Production Facilities Food production facilities need to have stringent cleaning processes in place to ensure exceptional hygiene is maintained. From the machinery to the floors and walls, all require regular sanitation with professional-quality cleaning equipment. During food preparation, there is always the risk that harmful bacteria could contaminate food; if someone then…
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ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System

What Is An ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System?

ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners are developed for use in explosive atmospheres where combustible dust such as sugar, starch, flour, wood, resins, plastics, textiles, lightweight metals, and paper have the potential to ignite.

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