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The World's Leading High-Level Cleaning System.

Focus on Textiles: Case Study

To conclude this week of blogs spotlighting SpaceVac and its place in the Textiles and Laundry industries, we take a look at a great case study from this industrial laundry in Australia and the benefits the team onsite saw from the introduction of SpaceVac to their facility… Our range of cleaning systems proved to be…
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SpaceVac vs Traditional Cleaning Methods

Last time out in our Focus on Textiles series, we looked at some of the risks that are created for workers in the textiles and laundries sector from a health perspective but there are also a number of other operational issues faced by cleaners and facilities managers onsite.

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The Risks of Non Compliance

As you can imagine SpaceVac has a number of different benefits for businesses; from time and cost saving to keeping their employees safer at work. There are however other reasons to keep on top of dust removal in your premises…

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bogota expo

SpaceVac at Foodex 2020

The team at SpaceVac are excited to be heading to Birmingham this month for this years instalment of the annual Foodex exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC.

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Explosive Atmosphere | The Different Legislations from Around the World

Explosive Atmosphere | The Different Legislations from Around the World

An explosive atmosphere in the workplace is extremely dangerous. The cause of an explosive atmosphere is flammable mists, gases, vapours or combustible dust mixing with the air. Why is this dangerous? Because there is a risk of spontaneous combustion occurring at any moment.

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New Partnership Announced with Pegasus Lift Truck Training

SpaceVac International are pleased to announce details of a new distribution partnership with Northamptonshire based Pegasus.

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clean warehouse, preventing an explosive environment

How to Reduce the Risk of an Explosive Atmosphere

BOOM! Isn’t something you want to hear when you’re at work.  In fact, it isn’t something you want to hear at any time unless it’s following a ‘Drop the Mic’ moment. Seriously though, the workplace is dangerous enough. Without some maturity, common sense and sensible behaviour, any workplace can hold dangers within. At the extreme…
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Finance Packages Now Available!

While we pride ourselves on providing cleaning systems at a range of different price points, we understand that sometimes cash flow – especially in small businesses – can be tight. It’s a tough position to be in – especially when a system like SpaceVac has the potential to open up new revenue streams and sources…
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Update from SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning Team

As you may recall from previous entries here on the blog, in addition to manufacturing a range of high-level cleaning systems, we also operate a specialist cleaning division as well. Some of our clients, prefer to in-source a specialist cleaning service for their high-level cleaning requirements; sometimes for budgetary reasons, and sometimes because there isn’t…
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Case Study – SpaceVac & Radisson Blu

In the world of hospitality, cleanliness is of the upmost importance, as guests demand the highest in standards. 

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