Why A High Reach Internal Vacuum Is A Good Long Term Investment

Why A High Reach Internal Vacuum Is A Good Long Term Investment

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High reach internal vacuums are fantastic solutions for cleaning those difficult to reach areas of your home or business. High reach cleaning equipment is essential for safely cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach, and would require the use of ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers. 

By purchasing a SpaceVac vacuum, you can make your high-level cleaning processes faster, safer and more efficient, making it a fantastic long term investment. Purchasing a SpaceVac vacuum for internal use may cost now, but over time you will be able to see benefits that will save you time and money. In this blog, we’re going to go over the main areas where high-level cleaning equipment can streamline your cleaning procedures.

SpaceVac offers a range of internal cleaning equipment for areas of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a SpaceVac LITE for smaller retail environments, or require something with maximum reach and power such as the 38mm Internal Ultra, we will have an internal vacuum to suit your requirements. All SpaceVac vacuums come with their own set of specifications, each with their own price points and intended use. 


Benefits Of Investing In High Reach Internal Vacuum 

A SpaceVac internal vacuum poses many benefits to its user and over time will prove to be a fantastic investment for your business. These vacuums allow users to clean hard to reach areas inside the work premises, such as ceilings, lighting or machinery. 




Using internal high-level cleaning equipment is in fact more cost effective than other forms of cleaning. Ladders for example take up a lot of time to set up and will need to be moved every time the user needs to clean a new area. In big spaces this can seriously eat into your cleaning time which in turn will cost more money. By using a high-level vacuum you can quickly and easily manoeuvre to the right area which will reduce your cleaning times considerably. 

Other forms of cleaning high-level spaces include scaffolding and cherry pickers, both of which are costly to hire and will take far more time to set up than a high-level vacuum. Also, by investing in high-level cleaning equipment, you are paying a one off payment. This means that you do not have to hire out scaffolding or cherry pickers every time you need to clean your chosen area. A SpaceVac vacuum is built to last and will provide high performance cleaning for many years to come.   


Improves Safety 

One of the fundamental reasons that people invest in high-level cleaning equipment is to improve their safety. Working in a high environment can be extremely dangerous and it’s common for workers to fall and injure themself, which in many cases can be serious. Even with the proper safety procedures in place accidents can and will happen. 

Work related accidents are clearly distressing for the individual involved, but they’re also bad for your business. Any injuries could result in expensive medical bills, compensation or costly legal services, all of which would be preferably avoidable. In the long term, even a handful of work related injuries could have serious negative consequences on your business.  

By using a high-level vacuum you completely eradicate the possibility of a slip and fall injury. Hard to reach places can safely be cleaned for the floor of your building without the need of ladders or cherry pickers. Simply set up your internal high-level vacuum, use on the desired area and then safely and easily manoeuvre it to the next location.   

The SpaceVac Ultra Internal model comes with an innovative safety locking mechanism that ensures the system will not separate when being operated. ALso, all of our SpaceVac vacuums are designed and built to follow all HSE regulations.  


ATEX Vacuum Cleaning System



The time saved from using a high-level vacuum will mean less downtime for your business. Scaffolding and cherry pickers will take up far more time to set up, use and take down, meaning your equipment or machinery will not be operational for greater periods of time. This downtime might not feel like much, but over time it will amount to hours of lost time and money. With a SpaceVac Vacuum, high-level cleaning can even be carried out before or after work time allowing your business to remain up and running at all times. 


High Quality Cleaning

A SpaceVac internal vacuum will give you high quality cleaning with every use. Our range of vacuums will give extraordinary cleaning performance and suction thanks to their powerful internal systems that are capable of removing dust, dirt and debri. Using such a high quality machine will ensure that all of your high-level cleaning is taken care of in one go. 

This means that you will not waste any time on repeat cleans, which may be the case if using a less reliable high-level vacuum. Over time you will begin to notice the poor quality of clean and will have to spend more time and money to get it right.       


SpaceVac High-Level Internal Vacuums

SpaceVac vacuums for internal use can help your business in an assortment of different ways. Whether it’s to save time, make cleaning more flexible or help improve the safety in your workplace, our range of internal cleaning equipment is guaranteed to improve you high-level cleaning. 

To find out more, call us on 01604 968668 or visit our contact page. Alternatively, you can book a free demo today to see first hand what our range of high-level cleaning equipment can do for you.

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