External High Level Cleaning Systems For Gutter Cleaning This Winter

External High Level Cleaning Systems For Gutter Cleaning This Winter

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Everything You Need To Know ABOUT High-Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Finding a high-performance gutter-cleaning vacuum system is the key to ensuring your workplace guttering is maintained. Blocked guttering can lead to costly leaks in your roofing, increase the risk of foundation cracks and provide an attractive environment for nesting. Not only this, but blocked guttering looks unprofessional to your staff and customers. 

But where do you start with choosing a gutter cleaning system? First, you have to understand what these systems are and how they can be used to benefit your business. Then, it’s time to select a system that suits your needs and provides you with the right level of high-level cleaning to leave you satisfied with every use.     

SpaceVac is a market leader in the high-level cleaning equipment sector. Our innovative, dependable systems have provided solutions for customers worldwide and have earned us plenty of plaudits and rave reviews. We have over a decade of experience in providing high-level cleaning systems for interior and exterior use. In this time, we’ve developed a range of products that will deliver top-level performance with every use, all of which are easy to use and simple to manoeuvre. 


Which External High-Level Vaccum Should I Choose?

Choosing a gutter-cleaning vacuum system is easy with SpaceVac, but you have to be aware of what it is you want to clean beforehand. Some systems are designed solely for external use, whereas others can be used internally and externally for added flexibility. You can find both of SpaceVac’s high-level gutter cleaning systems below:  


50mm Classic Gutter Cleaning Equipment

The 50MM Classic Gutter Cleaning Equipment from SpaceVac is a versatile, heavy-duty gutter cleaning system that provides quick, simple gutter cleaning. Operators are able to clean external guttering, fascias and locked downpipes up to an impressive 16m height. It provides a cost-effective solution for gutter cleaning for commercial properties and is a useful tool for maintaining the health of your roofing and guttering. 

Impressive performance comes from the increased 50mm diameter poles that help to increase airflow and suction. It also comes with a wide range of heads and tools to truly tailor your cleaning. As with all SpaceVac products, the 50mm Classic is lightweight and durable due to its carbon fibre design. This ensures that the system is easily manoeuvrable, even when fully extended to 16m.    


50mm Universal High-Level Cleaning System

For interior and exterior cleaning, the SpaceVac 50mm Universal High-Level Cleaning System is the perfect solution. This fully flexible system is as comfortable for cleaning outside gutters as it is for the higher parts of your interiors, such as ceilings, pipework and air vents. Such a unique design doubles the ROI of this system as you are getting two high-level cleaning systems for the price of one. 

Our Universal system is built around our core 50mm poles for maximum suction power. It also comes fully equipped with an extensive selection of gutter-cleaning tools and heads for internal and external use. An adaptor and a range of 38mm brushes are included.   


Benefits Of Investing In High-Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment

No More Ladders!

Maintaining high standards of health and safety in the workplace is one of the most important parts of owning a business. Company owners have a duty to protect their staff and customers at all times and work-related injuries can be stressful for everyone involved, not least the individual. As well as the risk of serious injury, accidents could also lead to expensive medical bills, compensation settlements or legal services. This can be costly and can give a bad impression of your business. 

By using a high-level gutter vacuum system you eradicate the need for potentially dangerous ladders or cherry pickers. Slips and falls are among the most common forms of work-related injury and a fall from a ladder could result in serious injury. Hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned from the safety of the ground, reducing any potential for falling when climbing or moving ladders.      


gutter full of fallen leaves

Adjustable Heads

Just like all SpaceVac systems, our gutter-cleaning vacuum systems have a range of fully adjustable heads and tools to choose from. These specialist tools can help with specific gutter cleaning tasks such as cleaning downpipes or box guttering. All of our adjustable heads are of the highest quality and will provide impressive performance with every use. We can even create full custom gutter cleaning tools should you need it. 


Mounted Camera

Gutter cleaning is a process that requires a level of care and intricacy to avoid damaging guttering, roofing or fascias. Our 50MM Classic Gutter Cleaning System comes fitted with a gutter cleaning camera to allow users on the ground to see exactly what they’re doing. Users can see inside the guttering funnel to  locate any further blockages and can operate safely without damage. 

The Guttering cleaning camera is mounted on the front of the gutter vac poles and streams via Bluetooth to the ground. The video is high quality and provides a simple visual to make cleaning easier, safer and faster.  


Long-Term Investment 

Whilst the initial costs of buying a high-level gutter cleaning system may be greater, they are in fact more cost-effective in the long run. They can help to seriously reduce the time it takes to clean gutters, freeing up time to do other tasks and saving on lengthy, costly jobs. 

Systems can be quickly and easily manoeuvred from one location to the next – something that is far more difficult with a ladder or cherry picker. Cleaners would have to climb down the ladder and move it to the next location when required. For workplaces that may be impacted by the high-level cleaning work, a faster job means less downtime. 

A final cost-saving benefit of a gutter cleaning system is that it is a one-off cost. Hiring cherry pickers or scaffolding for gutter cleaning requires a hiring cost, which over time will amount to far more than a vacuum. A SpaceVac vacuum is built to last and will provide high-performance cleaning for years to come. 


Book A Demo!

Not sure if any of our gutter-cleaning vacuum systems are right for you? Book a free demo today to test out our systems on your own premises. We’ll go through the product fully with one of our specialists and allow your team to get hands-on with their new cleaning system.

Simply contact a member of our team today to find out more. 

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