SpaceVac at the NHS Nightingale

SpaceVac at the NHS Nightingale

20/04/2020 Case Studies Gutter Cleaning 0

At SpaceVac we pride ourselves on being able to assist our customers when they need us most and so it came to be last week, that the team were able to assist the team at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Rochdale as they raced to complete the new facility.

It stands to reason that in the confines of a hospital gearing up to deal with serious respiratory illness, the last thing anyone wants to be contending with is High-Level Dust which can aggravate respiratory conditions substantially. As you would imagine however; the process of building a brand new facility like this in a short time span inevitably leads to a lot of dust being generated and settling through the facility.

With time of the essence, we took a message on our website’s live chat function at 830pm last Wednesday from the team onsite who needed a fast, safe way to remove the dust from all of the high-level areas in the building. The team onsite had deducted quickly that bringing on hydraulic lifts to a site not only added additional cost to the completion of the build but would also drastically impact the completion date.

By cleaning from the ground floor however; SpaceVac were able to offer the team onsite a solution that completed the cleaning work in a fraction of the time and saving a huge amount of money compared to the potential rental costs associated with the hydraulic platforms.

By 2pm the following day, we were very pleased to be able to deliver a new SpaceVac Pro system to the team onsite who quickly got to work putting the high-level cleaning poles to good use and removing dust in no time.

While we off of course delighted to able able to support the delivery of this amazing facility right now, this kind of turnaround and customer service is exactly what keeps our customers coming back to us time and again and why new clients fall in love with SpaceVac literally every week. Talk to our team today about your specialist cleaning requirements and see how our innovative high-level cleaning tools can help.

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