How A Modular Gutter Cleaner Can Help You With Blocked Gutters

How A Modular Gutter Cleaner Can Help You With Blocked Gutters

16/11/2021 Product Focus Rentals 0
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What Is Gutter Cleaner Equipment?

Modular gutter cleaners allow operators to effectively clean from the safety of the ground. The gutter cleaning equipment consists of different pole sections that connect together. This design makes the tool simple to store as you can disassemble the gutter cleaning tool whenever it’s not in use. Unlike telescopic gutter cleaners, the tool has a wide diameter which means all the debris can fit through the poles making it much more effective at removing gutter blockages.

There is no longer a need to clean while up a ladder or while sitting on the roof. Operators don’t have to take these risks anymore. Gutter cleaning tools extend to help remove gutter blockages and clean external fascias up to 16m high from the safety of the ground. Featuring industrial strength heads and tools, the gutter cleaning equipment allows users to clean gutters with ease.


Why Should I Invest In A Gutter Cleaner?

Clogged gutters cause a wide range of issues. They’re a common problem; however, they’re a problem that can be hard to spot, which leads to it often being ignored by property owners. After a long summer, with lots of sunshine and warmth, the last thing on your mind may be the state of your building’s gutters. If you continue to ignore the gutters though, this could lead to you incurring expensive repairs or potentially having to replace the gutters entirely.

Investing in a gutter cleaner saves you money in the long term. Gutter blockages may lead to mould and bacteria building up, damp, and could break the guttering system completely. When gutters are blocked, this causes stagnant water collect inside the gutter. Over time, this could mean the gutter collapses completely; however, in the short term, this water will leak across the outside and inside of your property.

If water leaks onto the outside of a property, this can cause problems with the building’s foundations. Clogged gutters mean that water is going to spill and pool at the bottom of your property. Over time this causes erosion, weakens the walls, and results in cracks forming in the building’s foundation. Removing blockages from gutters prevents all these issues from arising, saving you time and lots of money by preventing repairs.

Stagnant water causes many more problems than only leaks. If a blockage causes water to pool in your gutters, this creates an ideal home for annoying insects, such as mosquitos. The damp dirt and leaves attract bees and wasps which means there is a risk they will form their nests in your building’s gutters. Insect infestations are something you need to avoid, so invest in gutter cleaning equipment to remove this unnecessary risk.

Potentially the biggest risk blocked gutters cause is the chance of the system collapsing. Your gutters are only designed to support a certain weight. If a blockage causes water to pool, then the extra weight will bend the gutters. Removing any debris to ensure the gutters are working as they should, needs to be done quickly to avoid the need for repairs. Choosing to ignore gutter blockages will eventually lead to the gutters tearing off the roof.

To avoid the risk of gutter blockages, you need to invest in the right gutter cleaning tools. SpaceVac’s gutter cleaning equipment is an effective way to remove blockages and clean the guttering safely. Learn the key features that make our modular gutter cleaner, innovative, and a leader in the industry.

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The Key Features Of SpaceVac’s Gutter Cleaning Equipment

50MM Poles

This increased diameter makes the system ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. The 50mm diameter increases airflow and suction, even when the pole is extended to the maximum length. This makes cleaning external fascias and removing gutter blockages safer and quicker for operators.


Easy To Use

SpaceVac’s gutter cleaner is constructed from lightweight carbon fibre. This makes the pole easy to handle and operate when cleaning even while working at the full 16m extension. The carbon fibre material not only ensures the tools are lightweight, but strong and durable as well.


Heads & Tools

Alongside the modular gutter cleaner, SpaceVac provides a wide range of heads and tools. These industrial-strength accessories make removing gutter blockages, cleaning box guttering, and downpipes faster and more comprehensive. Operators can also adapt the cleaner to customise the tools depending on your task.


Safety Locking Mechanism

All the cleaning piles feature SpaceVac’s innovative safety locking mechanism. Operators can have complete peace of mind as they can clean from the safety of the ground and the system will not separate during use. The device ensures there is no risk of the tool falling from a height at any point in the cleaning process.


SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Tools

Offering a wide range of innovative gutter cleaning equipment, heads, and tools, SpaceVac delivers high-quality tools to every client. Save yourself time and money by investing in gutter cleaning equipment today. Being able to remove gutter blockages quickly, reduces the risk of you incurring expensive repair or replacement costs. Discover SpaceVac’s high-quality gutter cleaners today.

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