What Are The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

What Are The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

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Gutter maintenance is an essential part of looking after any property. For gutter cleaning companies looking to provide a high-quality service, using the right gutter cleaning tools is crucial, not to mention, a smart long-term investment. Providing high-quality gutter cleaning increases your chance of repeat custom and recommendations.



Being able to clean quickly, effectively, and from the safety of the ground is very important. Gutter vacuums enable operators to remove debris without damaging any part of the external gutters.

Leaves, twigs, branches, and pine needles all contribute to gutter blockages, which can cause a variety of issues to a property. Standing water could lead to the gutters collapsing, leaks inside the property, and water overflowing, damaging the building’s foundations. Using the right gutter cleaning tools can prevent these issues before they begin to mount.

The right external cleaning equipment depends on a variety of circumstances. Let’s explore what the best gutter cleaning machines are, and the benefits they offer.


What Are The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

Gutter cleaning tools

SpaceVac External High-Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment

This SpaceVac external, high-level gutter cleaning tool is a heavy-duty system that features a specialist design to improve its effectiveness. Operators can clean gutters up to 15m high from the ground, safely. It’s a cost-effective investment that prevents blockages in guttering and downpipes and reduces the risk of damage to the property.

The gutter cleaning tools themselves are constructed from lightweight but super-durable aluminium, while our ultra-durable carbon fibre cleaning poles are light and easy to handle for operators, even at full extension. The 50mm pole provides an increased diameter to improve airflow and suction, making cleaning gutters and external fascias simple and easy.

SpaceVac 50mm Universal High-Level Cleaning System

The SpaceVac universal cleaning system is a flexible cleaning solution ideal for internal and external use. The versatility they offer is essential for gutter cleaning companies who work with a wide range of clients. As operators can use the systems inside and outside, this doubles the potential ROI.

To enhance the system’s effectiveness, it is fully equipped with a full range of gutter cleaning tools. Alongside the 50mm cleaning pole are different heads, an adaptor, and a variety of 38mm brushes for external and internal use. There is also a safety locking mechanism to ensure operator safety, so you’re never at risk of the system detaching during use.

The gutter cleaning systems SpaceVac provides all feature a set of industrial, heavy-duty tools. This allows the operator to adapt the tool depending on the type of guttering they’re cleaning. Changing the system to clean blocked gutters, downpipes, and box guttering makes the process much more effective.

SpaceVac Gutter Vacuum

In addition to our high-level cleaning systems, we are also proud to unveil our brand new line of Vacuum cleaners. This exciting new range of vacuum units have been custom designed and engineered to provide the perfect accompaniment to any of our High-Level Cleaning system. For operators looking to clean blocked guttering and downpipes – the new triple motor HURRICANE Vacuum is our most powerful vacuum yet; a brand new wet/dry machine that offers unparalleled lift and suction to provide the perfect tool for powering your new gutter cleaning system.

Gutter cleaning tools

SpaceVac Gutter Cleaning Equipment

At SpaceVac, we aim to combine innovative technology with unique designs to create unmatched high-level cleaning equipment. All the gutter cleaning tools our expert team construct are built to improve the operator’s safety and efficiency. If you’re a gutter cleaning company, invest in cost-effective equipment that will lead to a great return on investment

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