SpaceVac Hurricane Or The SpaceVac Titan

SpaceVac Hurricane Or The SpaceVac Titan

26/07/2022 Product Focus 0
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Our range of SpaceVac vacuum cleaners should be your go-to for high-level cleaning equipment that is both safe and simple to use. They are hand built by our specialist team to provide you with extraordinary cleaning performance in any area, inside or out. SpaceVac vacuums are trusted worldwide and we’re proud to be a market leader in our industry, delivering a high-quality range of cleaning solutions for specialist cleaners and facility managers.   

Released in 2021, our own SpaceVac Hurricane and SpaceVac Titan models are some of the most cutting edge pieces of high-level cleaning equipment on the market. In this blog, we’ll analyse the key differences between these two high-level vacuums to help you decide which one is right for your industrial or commercial space.  


SpaceVac Hurricane Or The SpaceVac Titan? 

Two of our most innovative pieces of high-level cleaning equipment are the SpaceVac Hurricane and the SpaceVac Titan. Both of these machines deliver powerful cleaning performance in industrial spaces, with uncomplicated designs that allow for quick and simple high-level cleaning. 

Both the Hurricane and Titan models have their own unique specifications that make them suited to different environments and applications. Let’s take a look:

What Is The SpaceVac Hurricane?

For Internal or External Use


  • Power: 3000w
  • Max Airflow: 510 m3/h
  • Container Capacity: 65l
  • Noise Level: 77 db(a)
  • Depression Max: 210 mbar

The SpaceVac Hurricane is a custom designed triple motor high level vacuum cleaner with impressive performance inside and out, for wet or dry applications. It uses three independent motors which gives it truly exceptional suction levels and airflow to make for industry-leading cleaning performance. Users will also empty their vacuum less thanks to an impressive container capacity of 65 litres.

The Benefits Of The SpaceVac Hurricane

The SpaceVac Hurricane is designed to deliver peak cleaning performance with every use all with an easy-to-use interface. This is wet/dry rated enabling it to be used in internal and external areas such as gutters. Each individual motor has their own switch and operators can use support for SpaceVac tools and vacuum meters to monitor filter efficiency.  

What Is The SpaceVac Titan?

For Use In ATEX Areas


  • Power: 1500w
  • Max Airflow: 200 m3/h
  • Container Capacity: 25l
  • Noise Level: 67 db(a)
  • Depression Max 200 mbar


The SpaceVac Titan custom designed single phase motor high level vacuum cleaner with ATEX certification. This means that the Titan can be used in the removal of zone 22 dust – areas where flammable dust or powder is not likely to occur but may do for short periods. If you work in a location where a substance has the potential to explode or ignite, you must use an ATEX vacuum. 

The Benefits Of The SpaceVac Titan  

The SpaceVac Titan offers users a safe and efficient high-level vacuum experience. It has been specifically designed with spark-free technology that ensures that static technology isn’t generated, meaning potentially combustible dust can safely be vacuumed. The Titan also comes with smart holders to hold the specialist ATEX tools and attachments making the cleaning process easier.  

Choosing The Best High Level Cleaning Equipment For Your Business

High-level cleaning equipment enables users to safely and easily clean high up spaces in their workplaces. SpaceVac vacuums are suitable for a range of industrial and commercial environments, such as factories, storage facilities, warehouses or manufacturing environments. Which high-level vacuum is right for you will be determined by the space that you want to clean. 

For smaller internal spaces, the SpaceVac LITE or PIONEER range would be suitable. Both of these vacuums are powerful cleaning systems, each with simple, easy to transport backpack style designs. They are suitable for offices, schools, retail spaces, warehouses and other commercial facilities, with the SpaceVac LITE also making for a great domestic high-level vacuum for those hard to reach spaces in your home. 

For larger spaces such as large factories, warehouses or gymnasiums, the CLASSIC, PRO or ULTRA high-level vacuums would be suitable. All of these machines allow users to safely clean areas of your business that are high up and difficult to reach, without the need for ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding. 

External spaces will require either the CLASSIC or the UNIVERSAL systems, both of which can be used to clean outdoor guttering and fascias with ease. These are heavy-duty high -level cleaning systems that will make tough to reach outdoor spaces easier, safer and faster to clean.   

As mentioned previously, an ATEX system must be used in areas where potentially flammable materials are stored or made. SpaceVac manufactures a number of different types of ATEX high level cleaning equipment for a range of purposes and affordability options. Using an ATEX system is not an option in these spaces and is mandatory as per two European directives that set the standard for explosive atmosphere control. To find out more about ATEX systems, read our blog post.      

SpaceVac’s Range Of Vacuums

SpaceVac’s range of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners promise to deliver extraordinary cleaning results with every use. We have 15 systems in our range, each with their own unique specifications to ensure that you can find the right vacuum for your space.

Choosing the best high level cleaning equipment for your business is easy with SpaceVac. If you require more information on the Hurricane or Titan, or any of our other high-level vacuum systems, please contact a member of our team. Our phone lines are +44 1604 968668 or you can use our contact page for enquiries.

Alternatively, you can book a free demo to test out the systems yourself. 

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