SpaceVac vs Traditional Cleaning Methods

SpaceVac vs Traditional Cleaning Methods

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Last time out in our Focus on Textiles series, we looked at some of the risks that are created for workers in the textiles and laundries sector from a health perspective but there are also a number of other operational issues faced by cleaners and facilities managers onsite.

Today on the blog we are going to compare SpaceVac with traditional cleaning methods typically used in these environments and look at the advantages the system offers…

The legislation surrounding these hazardous materials states that materials should be vacuumed rather than cleared using compressed air or other methods – however a vacuum alone will not clear everything.

By creating a system that allows for the vacuuming of high-level areas from the safety of the ground floor, SpaceVac is able to create a number of operational opportunities;

To begin with, by moving all cleaning back to the ground floor, all of the inherent risks associated with working at height are all completely removed. making work significantly safer for the employees tasked with carrying it out.

In addition the ability to clean from the floor means that cleans are able to be completed without any additional access equipment such as scaffolding or hydraulic platforms. By removing the need for these items, cleaning with SpaceVac is not only substantially cheaper per clean but also significantly faster as users don’t have to keep moving platforms every few metres of cleaning.

This not only makes cleaning cheaper but also enables facilities to minimise disruption and operational downtime.

The Only Bright Spark Allowed

As noted previously, the dust and particles dispersed in these facilities is potentially combustible, meaning that specialist cleaning equipment has to be used in these areas.

Our ATEX cleaning system was the first high-level cleaning system of its kind, anywhere in the world, to be certified as safe for use in these specialist environments.

By creating a fully conductive, all carbon version of our cleaning system, users can easily put SpaceVac to work, safe in the knowledge the system is the safest on the market. The system utilises a full carbon build to ensure total conductivity and our safety locking mechanism ensures that not only does the system stay firmly together during operation – taking away the risk of elements falling during use – but the mechanism prevents any separation that could create a gap across which static could jump.

As a demo  will confirm in short time – our ATEX cleaning system is the perfect tool for removing these highly hazardous material from the environment quickly and cost efficiently.

Be sure to contact us to discuss your ATEX cleaning requirements with us in detail today!


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