The Risks of Non Compliance

The Risks of Non Compliance

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As you can imagine SpaceVac has a number of different benefits for businesses; from time and cost saving to keeping their employees safer at work. There are however other reasons to keep on top of dust removal in your premises…

One thing we have learned over a number of years working within the high level cleaning sector is that while working across a range of different sectors, their reasons for needing SpaceVac will be fairly consistent. Oftentimes our clients engage with SpaceVac to keep their premises looking their best inside and out – removing dust and keeping gutters blocked and free of debris – an easy say to avoid leaks developing and undermining the structural integrity of the building.

In addition; removing hazardous materials like lint, dust, combustible dust and other materials makes the general working environments safer for the workers going to work each day within them. From reducing the risk of respiratory ailments and other illnesses, to preventing the risk of a potential explosion – clearly removing dust is a paramount need for all sorts of businesses.

In addition to the very practical issues posed by not removing these materials, two cases recently have shown the very serious implications to businesses and business owners of not closely adhering to the legislation governing this area in the form of the punishments handed out for non compliance…

The first case of note was the owners and operators of the Bosely Mill who were recently back in court. The Bosely Mill disaster was a high-profile explosion in a wood flour facility that claimed the lives of four employees, injured another 37 and caused huge damage to the building.

By neglecting to remove the hazardous dust build ups and adhering to strict legal guidelines that were in place surrounding facilities of this nature, the owners and operators were found to be criminally negligent and are currently making their way through court proceedings.

Another high-profile case recently in the courts, was this large furniture manufacturer who found themselves landed with a large fine for again, not keeping their facilities in line with the regulations that govern the cleaning of combustible dust. The case was bought in response to a number of violations – from build ups of dust, to lack of ventilation and adequate protective gear for staff onsite.

These two cases alone demonstrate the grave importance to business owners of ensuring that they are on top of their cleaning and FM regimen at all times and in adherence to the correct legislation.

Don’t take chances with employee safety – talk to our high-level cleaning and ATEX experts today to talk to us about your requirements and see how SpaceVac can help


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