Case Study: UCC Coffee

Case Study: UCC Coffee

17/03/2020 About SpaceVac ATEX Resources Case Studies 0

UCC Coffee are among the biggest coffee manufacturers in the world providing beans and products into some of the biggest chains and companies across the globe. The team at their large processing facility in the South of England recently engaged with our Specialist Cleaning Team to help with high-level cleaning onsite…

The facility featured a number of unique areas – from the large warehouses to the roasting area and silos that made up the core of the operation. The processes and materials contained within the building though was producing a large amount of dust from the beans – which presented a highly combustible risk to the team onsite.

Our ATEX cleaning systems proved to be the perfect tool for the job to remove this extremely hazardous by-product from the environment but cleaning in this way – from the safety of the ground floor – also enabled the team to work much faster and complete the work substantially quicker than the previous cleaning team onsite.

As an example of how much faster the team were able to work – The roasting area which previously required a team of 2 cleaners working with a cherry picker would take at least a week to complete – needing a cherry picker to work their way around the facility and deal with the dust at each of the varying mezzanine levels. In addition to be highly inefficient but the method was also proving expensive and impacting significantly on productivity onsite each time cleaning work was completed.

By switching from the previous in house team with a two man SpaceVac crew the team onsite were able to complete the clean of the roasting area in just two days – completely removing downtime from the equation by working across a weekend, and drastically reducing cost by removing the need for the access platform.

In total the SSC team were able to complete the clean of the entire facility in just 12 days – completed as part of a program of series of scheduled cleaning and maintenance work. The resulting savings and safety benefits to the team at UCC has resulted in a close working relationship delivering this regular program of work as a trusted extension of the team.

To talk to our team of cleaning specialists today about the benefits SpaceVac can offer to businesses – be sure to reach out to us today!


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