2019 Internal Cleaning Systems

2019 Internal Cleaning Systems

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Grant demonstrate internal high reach cleaning system

The SpaceVac Internal high-level cleaning system is a revolution in high-level cleaning. Since its introduction some five years ago, operators worldwide have flocked to its simplicity and performance and the 2019 range of systems is our best yet! 

Our Internal Cleaning System provides operators a safe and easy way to clean high-level areas up to 11m high from the safety of the ground floor.

By helping operators to reduce the build up of dust, dirt and other materials above head height, SpaceVac improves not only the cleanliness of internal areas but improves the health of occupants, and the overall safety of the building by lowering the risk of fire and increasing the efficiency of crucial apparatus such as air-conditioning, security cameras, fire alarms all of which perform a vital role in any business environment.

Since launching onto the market, the SpaceVac Internal System has been a popular choice for cleaners and facilities managers working across a range of sectors including

  • Airports
  • Theatres
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores and shopping centres
  • Cinemas
  • Museums

and many other environments with high-level areas requiring cleaning.

The 2019 line of SpaceVac systems sees a number of new additions to the internal line. 

Grant demonstrate internal high reach cleaning system

Firstly we are excited to announce the launch of the new PIONEER system for use in light commercial settings. This system represents an excellent mid point between our entry level LITE cleaning system and our classic 38mm internal system.

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, for more advanced users or teams cleaning in higher or heavy duty environments – the development of our new PRO and ULTRA 38mm poles represent another great development in the lifecycle of SpaceVac. Both designed for advanced users looking to clean at higher heights and dealing with heavier duty materials, the poles boast not only a lighter weight pole but increased durability and stability when cleaning at increased heights. 

We hope you will book a demo and put these new systems to the test on your premises very soon!


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