SpaceVac Head to Spain…

SpaceVac Head to Spain…

15/03/2019 SpaceVac Around the World 0
SpaceVac Industrial cleaning in a warehouse

It’s been another busy week internationally for the Team at SpaceVac as we continue our expansion through mainland Europe.This week our Global Sales Director Grant headed to Spain for the week to spend some time with our new partner on the ground there Grupo Maya.

As we have mentioned before these weeks are a really important part of the onboarding process as it’s gives the chance to train our new colleagues properly and be there to support their early demonstrations.

This week was was no exception and the team on the ground in Spain had lined up a challenging week for the SpaceVac system – with demos delivered in a range of environments from airports and retail environments, to Spain’s largest bakery facility; where our ATEX cleaning system showcased exactly what it can do. Not least helped by the presence of a scissor lift operating nearby which provided the perfect visual comparison for how much faster SpaceVac is for cleaning Removing this hazardous combustible dust from environments like these.

You can find a range of photos, videos and other updates from the week over on our Facebook page as well as Grants takeover of our Instagram story for the week as well.

Next week, we head to Portugal where we will be working closely alongside our colleagues at Orbivendas for the week. Be sure to follow our Global Sales Director Grant on Twitter @SpaceVacDM for the latest updates! Meantime to book a demo of SpaceVac on your premises – please use the short form located here.


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