Updates to Camera Charging System

Updates to Camera Charging System

20/03/2019 Product Focus Uncategorized 0
SpaceVac high level cleaning system part -Camera & Monitor

We have recently made a very small but important update to the camera and monitor system we thought it was important to share.

We have recently taken the decision to switch all of our camera and monitors to a simple USB charger cable.

Previous revisions of the camera kit have featured an adaptor suitable for plugging the units into the wall for charging, however as the product becomes available in new territories that presents a number of issues – not least making sure that the supplied plug is the correct one – a challenge when territories like Jordan have a choice of 5!

Moving forward all of our cameras and monitors will be able to be charged in one of two ways. 

The first is by use of a simple USB charging cable. This enables you to charge anywhere you have access to a USB socket – including into the wall via your mobile phone charger.

Secondly – all of our camera kits also come equipped with a charger and cable to enable you to charge the camera and monitor using the standard in car charging points as well.

We hope that this change provides a number of ways for our customers to get the most out of their camera and monitoring system. If you have any questions or want to know more – be sure to contact us today!

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