Workplace Hygiene | How Cleanliness Can Transform Your Business

Workplace Hygiene | How Cleanliness Can Transform Your Business

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Workplace hygiene is essential to create a positive, happy, and productive work environment. A clean workplace can transform your business. But it’s not only about being a good boss for your team it’s also crucial to comply with health & safety regulations. With the right workplace cleaning tools, you can keep up your workplace hygiene quickly and simply. Sometimes we believe that a space is clean but don’t realise that there may still be bacteria and pathogens still on services. 

Hygiene requirements change depending on the industry you work in. Depending on your workplace, certain tasks will create higher risks that need protection and workplace cleaning. In this blog, we’re going to explore some universal workplace cleaning tips as well as the specialist cleaning tools SpaceVac can provide your business.


What is Workplace Hygiene?

Great workplace hygiene is about creating consistency around your workplace cleaning. You can do this by implementing a workplace hygiene plan. This will create a set of standards everyone in your company knows and follows. From personal hygiene, such as everyone washing their hands regularly, to cleaning standards for your work area and kitchen as well as how often specialist cleaning needs to be done.


Here are some tips for maintaining great workplace cleanliness:


  • Establish a Hygiene Plan – Let everyone in your team know the hygiene standards you’ve set. If everyone is on the same page, you will all pull in the same direction as your workplace cleaning routine.


  • Keep your Bathroom Clean – Your workplace’s bathroom must be hygienic. This doesn’t only mean regular cleaning. Make sure you’re always stocked up on sanitiser, soap, and paper towels.


  • Encourage Cleanliness – A lot of people assume that cleaning is about getting rid of a mess. But effective workplace cleaning will prevent a big mess from building up. By encouraging your staff to wash their hands regularly and clean up after themselves, this is the first step to perfect workplace hygiene.


  • Regular Workplace Cleaning – Clean routinely. This doesn’t only include general cleaning. If you need specialist cleaning tools, book regular times to use these tools. Once cleaning becomes a routine, a hygienic workplace is easy to maintain.


Workplace hygiene is crucial as a dirty workplace can cause employees to become ill. This is obviously a bad thing as the wellbeing of your staff is vital, but poor workplace hygiene will also cost you money as your team will have extra time off work.

Without routine cleaning, there will be a build-up of issues you need to deal with. You may then need to spend more time cleaning than you would if you had cleaned up an issue before it built up. This is why regular workplace cleaning will save you time and money.


Depending on your workplace and industry, you may need specialist workplace cleaning tools.


How to Clean Your Workplace

At SpaceVac, we provide a range of specialist vacuum cleaning systems. If you have a high ceiling in your workplace, there are going to be areas that you won’t be able to reach. The SpaceVac 2020 range includes 13 specialist high-reach cleaning systems. 


These tools are for use in internal, external, and specialist environments. No matter your industry, our team have the tools. Whether you’re in food, retail, or domestic settings. Our systems have been used in Facebook, Google and Disney’s offices, throughout Tesco’s warehouses, and even Buckingham Palace.


Even if you can’t always see an area in your workplace, it will still need to be cleaned. This isn’t only for aesthetic reasons, it’s essential for the health and hygiene of your team. To get those out of reach areas, we provide a safe and efficient way of cleaning areas up to 20m in height without having to use a ladder or any other equipment.


Whether you need cleaning tools for inside or outside your workplace, we can help. This is important for warehouses and factories with pipes and guttering that needs to be cleaned. Our cleaning systems are a tool that is the result of years of engineering and development. But this doesn’t mean we don’t offer affordable cleaning solutions.  


To find out more about how to improve your workplace’s hygiene, get in touch with our team today:


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