New Additions to #TeamSpaceVac

New Additions to #TeamSpaceVac

07/08/2018 About SpaceVac SpaceVac Around the World 0
SpaceVac Demo Dubai

We’ve noted here a number of times of late how important our network of international distributors are to us and our plans for the coming years…

It’s the reason our team have spent the year so far traversing the globe to provide on the ground support and training to our new network of dealers and help them hit the ground running when it comes to bringing SpaceVac to market in these new territories.

From our perspective – it’s always also really exciting to see our high-level cleaning system find so many new uses – literally everywhere we go. In the last 12 months we’ve drawn quite a crowd from schools to museums to zoo’s and plenty of other places as well.

This month we are very excited to announce a number of new partnerships expanding the SpaceVac family even further. Moving forward we are very excited to say that we will now be bringing SpaceVac to Columbia via our new colleagues at Tecnovap Latin America. At the same time in Lithuania, we are very excited to be working with the new at PSS Group to help launch the system there for the first time as well.

Over the coming weeks and months, the team will continue this roll of support to our new partners including attending exhibitions in Dallas, Bogota and Poland among others – it’s sure to be an exciting next chapter in the story of SpaceVac.

To find out more about our network of distributors and find your nearest SpaceVac dealer then please be sure to check our distributor map, or talk to us about becoming a distributor for SpaceVac in your country then please get in touch with and find more information here!


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