Meet the Distributor – Supersteam (Singapore)

Meet the Distributor – Supersteam (Singapore)

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Supersteam - SpaceVac Distributor Singapore

This week on the blog, in the latest in our series of posts introducing our International partners, we meet Damien from Supersteam who are responsible for SpaceVac in the beautiful country of Singapore:


What’s the name of your company?
We are SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Where are you based?
The company is based in Singapore

How many people work with / for you?
We have over 70 members in our team

When did you first come across SpaceVac?
I first came across SpaceVac in June 2018

What excited you most about the system?
The thing that excited me most was how lightweight the system is. The lightweight carbon fibre material of the SpaceVac poles suddenly means that even when the poles are stacked really high – its very easy to manage and work with.

What do your customers like most about SpaceVac?
The main benefit that people see is that it saves them time. Being a one man operation also means that they can reduce their manpower cost, all of which makes for a much more cost effective way of cleaning these high-level areas that are so difficult to reach!

What’s the first thing you tell people about SpaceVac when describing the system?
That it’s a high-level dusting tool that is easy to use, any time any day

What kind of buildings and areas do you find SpaceVac most effective at cleaning?
I think it really comes into its own when cleaning Indoor areas – the ability to clean over and around built in machinery or bits of architecture is a brilliant innovation for our clients!

Find out more about Supersteam on their website.


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