Meet the Distributor – Bravos SC

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Meet the Distributor – Bravos SC

16/04/2018 About SpaceVac SpaceVac Around the World 0
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This week in our series of posts highlighting some of our key partners and distributors around the world, we speak to Marcin who heads up Bravos – our partner in Poland…

What’s the name of your company? BRAVOS S.C.
Where are you based? We are based in POLAND (Gorzów Wlkp.)
How many people work with / for you? We have about 20 members of the team 
When did you first come across SpaceVac? Ooh… It was very long ago!
What excited you most about the system? I really liked the design of the heads, I was also very excited when SpaceVac launched the ATEX system!
What do your customers like most about SpaceVac? I really like the flexibility of the system and the possibility of connecting to various vacuum cleaners. Its really flexible!
What’s the first thing you tell people about SpaceVac when describing the system? As a helpful tool for work – because it saves a lot of time!)
What kind of buildings and areas do you find SpaceVac most effective at cleaning? We have lots of customers in industrial spaces – warehouses, factories etc.
What do you like to do outside of work? Ride a bicycle!


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