02/04/2018 SpaceVac Around the World 0
high level cleaning a shop ceiling air-con vent

In the latest of our series of blogs highlighting some of our key international distribution partners, we talk to Guntis who heads up our team in the beautiful country of Latvia…


What’s the name of your company? Im Guntis and my company name is Anitra 2T Centrs

Where are you based? We are based in the city of Riga in Latvia.

How many people work with / for you? At present there are 4 of us

When did you first come across SpaceVac? I think I first discovered SpaceVac around December 2016

What excited you most about the system? I think I was really excited by the fact it was such an Inovative solution

What do your customers like most about SpaceVac? People can’t believe how easy the system is to work!

What’s the first thing you tell people about SpaceVac when describing the system? Ive found that a really effective opening like is a simple “Do You know how many dust are there?”…

What kind of buildings and areas do you find SpaceVac most effective at cleaning? We have customers using SpaceVac in lots of different places – Warehouses, concert halls, schools, hotels – anywhere with these high-level areas…

Where was your favourite SpaceVac demo? I’d say probably a cinema – its really effective in those kind of areas

What do you like to do outside of work? I like to go hiking – there are some beautiful places here to discover! 


Find out more about Guntis and the team over on their website.


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